15 Famous Celebrities Raised By Brave And Strong Single Mother

15 Famous Celebrities Raised By Brave And Strong Single Mother


Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz just 20 year old , started her showbiz journey few years back and become most charismatic face on television. Her drama Suno Chanda was one of the most seen drama serial of this year. People love her natural acting and expression.

In her family, she lives with her mother and sister. Her mother is single  parent. In an interview Iqra told that “I admire my sister and my mother. They are the strongest women I know; they are self made and independent. It’s difficult for women to achieve this in our society and preserve their good name, but they did it and I’m very proud of them.” She also added that “Her mother is a single mother and it was very difficult for her to make it, but she did; she is also the first Careem female driver”.


Neelum Munir

Neelam Munir was born on 20 March, 1992 in Karachi. Her star is Pisces. She started her early education in Karachi and left education after college to keep abreast with showbiz industry. Neelam Muneer has four sisters, and she is on third number. Her father died almost 13 years ago, and her mother brought them all. She is the only child in the family who joined showbiz and got unprecedented fame.

According to Neelum’s mother , her family was unaware about Neelum’s progress in showbiz but when there are few family members who have already saw her in dramas , asking her mother is she has joined showbiz.

Neelum’s mother said that after death of  her father she got so many offers from family to get married but she refuse and concentrate on upbringing of her daughters. Today 3 of Neelum’s sister are married now. Neelum never go on shoots without her mother. On every location she had  mother with her .

Ushna Shah


Ushna is a daughter of television and radio artist Ismat Ara. Ismat Ara raised her children as a single parent. Ismat Tahira use to work on Radio and T.V back in 70s and 80s. She was a single mother who raised her six kids alone because her husband was not willing  to support her  financially.

Ushna Shah isn’t the only member of her family who belongs to the entertainment industry. Ushna is the youngest child and she is a sister of TV Actress Irsa Ghazal and Theater Director/Producer Shah Sharabeel. Most of her Childhood spend in Canada, Her mother use to do job in Toronto and her elder siblings use take care of her. Irsa Ghazal is   Ushna’s step sibling as she is from first marriage of Ismat Ara.Now Ushna is well established actress.