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celebrities who are rich more then our thinking

Once there was a time when actors have option to earn more even some actor of old era have confess that no body want to marry them as they do not have propper job. Today scenario is totally different. Actors have many option to shine them selves and to get …

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celebrities and their side jobs and business

celebrities and their side jobs and business     In Pakistan there so many big stars who run the profitable side business.To maintain their status they need to earn extra income for that purpose, they start new businesses like outlets, productions houses and other. Here is the list in which …

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12 celebrities who married later in life

    12 celebrities who married later in life celebrities who marry after crossing age of 45 When we talk about showbiz and sports celebrities the first thing come in our minds is that whether they are married or not so we search on google as most of people want …

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Celebrities From Nothing To Big Thing Their Stories Will Inspire You

Life of famous people looks like bed of roses but everything in their life is not really what they pretend in public.These Celebs are bold ,beautiful,respected stylish more than mango people.They have fan following on different social media websites like facebook ,twitter,instagram,whatsapp and others.Celebrities use to travel most beautiful places …

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