Celebrities Who Are Relatives Of People Appointed on High Posts

Syed Mohsin Naqvi

owner of City 42  and 92 news channels is son in law of former CM Punjab Chaughdry Parvez Ilahi. Mohsin Naqvi runs Punjab’s most successful media house. Mohsin Naqvi is former bureau chief of CNN in Pakistan . His father in law Parvaiz Ilahi use to serve as Chief minister of Punjab during Musharraf’s era .


Iffat Omar

’s husband is a CSS officer . He is in grade -19 and working in Bs-20.She changed her sir name from Iffat Raheem to Iffat Omar.Her husband’s elders were reluctant to have their son married to a model but the guy persisted that it’s only her who he wanna get married to.


Lollywood actress Anjuman Married to a Grade-21 officer (Chairman CBR Housing Society . Anjuman lived in England for quite sometimes. Her husband was killed in 2013.