Celebrities Who Cant Bear The Loss Of Separation With Life Partners


Momina Mustahsin Had Panic Attacks but remember one thing after getting fame Momina was engaged to family friend but somehow her engagement ended soon and Momina become more popular like no one. Suddenly we saw her closeness with Ali Zafar’s family , She sing a song Muntazir along with Danyal Zafar and everyone loose their mind and thinks that if Danyal and Momina are love bird .

Even Momina was one of few celebs who were invited at ALI ZAFAR’S WIFE Ayesha Fazli’s birthday bash . She become main highlight of the event but then something ugly happened as Momina come out as supporter of Meesha Shafi instead of Ali Zafar , She tweets in favor of Messha , It seems like her friendship with Danyal Zafar ended . In a social media post Momina reveal that she has panic attacks and she cant manage herself due to pressures of showbiz life . According to news Momina was dissheart because of failed engagement and sad end of friendship with Danyal younger brother of Ali Zafar who become crush of many girls.

Taking to social media to speak about her experience, Momina wrote, “Life is incredible, but we all have moments of weakness. While we share our moments of joy and strength on social media, it’s important that we acknowledge that none of us live a picture perfect life.”

She went on to add, “I have been immensely busy lately – occasionally taking multiple flights a day, running on almost no sleep and working all day every day for weeks without a single proper day of rest. All this while I had kept telling myself I was doing okay, keeping it together outwardly until I almost hit mental, emotional and physical exhaustion.”

Momina revealed she was having a severe panic attack when she woke up yesterday. “I woke up having a severe panic attack because I almost hit my threshold. Yes, those are real. And they crush and paralyze you for the moment. But that moment stays for as long as you let it stay. I always try dealing with all my problems by myself, but I reach out to people close to me when I know I could use help. Please know that it’s okay to reach out for help. It doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human.”

“If someone you care about starts behaving differently in any way, please take a moment to check whether they’re doing okay – even if they say they are fine. Sometimes all one needs is for someone to have a little faith in them and tell them that they believe in them. We are all self sufficient, but we all occasionally need that extra push and reassurance from the people that mean the most to us,” added Momina.

She concluded with thanking her near and dear ones for supporting her during this difficult period.

“To my near and dear ones that have helped me back up on my feet before I’ve fallen: Thank you,” she said. “For believing in me when I find it hard to keep believing in myself. Thank you for seeing good in me when I’m unable to. For going the extra mile to help me find my strength again when I lose sight of it. Thank you for making me want to work harder to be a better human every day.”