Celebrities Who Dont Have Good Terms With Family Members

The supermodel and actress Iman Ali and her younger sister Rahma came from a broken home. Iman Ali is the daughter of Abid Ali and Humaira Ali.
I have read in a interview of Humaira Abid (year 2006) in which she has accepted the truth that Iman has never compromise in field of showbiz thats why they are not even able to purchase their own home. with this statement we can assume that Iman is not like other actresses and models who only work for money and fame.

When Iman Ali was young, her mother left Abid Ali and took Iman with her to live in a separate house. Iman Ali has spent all her life with her mother in a separate house.

Iman’s mother said: Abid was a big cheater so I left him and decided to live with my daughter in a separate house.