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Celebrities Who Married To Much Younger People To Them

Gohar Mumtaz and Anum Gohar


Gohar Mumtaz: 37 years
Anum Gohar: 25 years

Anum started her acting career after getting married to Gohar Mumtaz.

Syeda Tuba and Amir

Tuba second wife of amir is hardly 23 old and Amir is 47 year old most experienced host on television.

Adnan Sami and Roya


Adnan is now married to Afghan girl Roya Sami Khan . he had one daughter from his this marriage . Adnan who is 47 year old married to 33 year old Roya.

Dr.Tariq Shahab and Reema


Reema Khan is now 40 year old married to 64 year old Dr.Tariq Shahab.


Shoib Akhtar


shoib akhtar tied the knot with 20 year old girl belongs to haripur. shoib akhtar is now 45 year old and when he married he was about 39 year old.once shoib was the spoil child of national cricket team.

Mehmood and Amber

Mehmood Aslam is 65 year old is married to 40 year old Amber Nausheen actress. He had two daughters.

Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed

They got Married in 2016

Urwa Hocane : 27 years

Farhan Saeed : 34 years