Celebrities Who Were Already Rich Before Become Part Of Showbiz

Celebrities Who Were Already Rich Before Become Part Of Showbiz

Yumna zaidi is daughter of land lord belongs to arif wala city near to sahiwal.

Hamza Ali Abbasi is son of famous politician . He comes from political background.His family has good terms with Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Imran Khan.

Syed Jibran
Syed Jibran was rich before joining showbiz. He runs his own restuarent  in Islamabad and Jibran is doctor by profession .

Vaneeza Ahmad
Vaneeza is daughter of former army officer and her uncles  were Ministers during Zia’s era. Vaneeza went to Germany to complete her education .

Shaan Masood Cricketer
very few people know that Shaan is most educated  guy in Pakistan cricket team. Shaan’s father Mansoor Masood Khan  is CEO of UBL . UBL is sponsor of Pakistan Cricket Team too.His father Mansoor Masood Khan is currently a member of the Board of Governors.

Imad Waseem has British nationality. He was born in UK.

Amna Haq is cousin of former foreign minister hina rabbani khar. Amna is married to Ammar Belal who  is son of biggest business icon  Khuwaja Belal. She is daughter of former governor Punjab Mustafa Khar. Her father is one of the most powerful Land Lord of country.

Ali Sethi And Mira Sethi
Ali and Mira both are famous but do you know that Ali and Mira are children of founder of The Friday Times Jugnoo Mohsin , Jugnoo is close to Zardari Family .


Singer Adnan Sami Khan is son of late Air Marshal Sami Khan, Adnan has so many houses in posh area of Mumbai.

Actress Zeba Bakhtiar is daughter of Former Attorney General Yahyah Bakhtiar.

Sarwat Gellani belongs to Peshawar based rich Syed Family and She is also American Nationality Holder

Ahsan was born in England,Ahsan is highly educated person .

Mikal is son of a High profile officer in Pakistani Embassy.His mother was British Embassy ‘s official and father use to work in Pakistan’s foreign department .

Aeny Jaffrey was born in Canada and She is relative of legend Muhiuddeen.

Actress Maya Khan is daughter of Former Ambassador.