Famous Actresses Get Divorce Because Their Husbands Were Jobless



Actress and TV Host Fiza Ali married to Ayaz Malik and announced to left Showbiz/ media industry . Congratulations to her for her new journey . P.s She took divorce from her first husband Fawad Farooq and this is her 2nd marriage with Ayaz Malik. Married to Ayaz malik With the grace of God m proud to announce that I have left my show biz and m only doing my game show Eidi sub kay liye as Ary channel helped me in my bad times and I respect them bcz they r honest people and respectable people so I’m going to complete my contract with them rest I have left my media and I have started my new life with Ayaz Malik So my friends and family I need ur prayers for both of us

Reason Behind Divorce

Fiza is quite active since birth of her daughter and she is quite interested to teach her daughter how to be in showbiz as her daughter is most wanted childstar of morning shows. According to reports her husband was struggle to fulfill her desires . Things were not going good between the couple. After death of mother Fiza was disappointed with her married life so she decide to parted her ways .