Famous Actresses Get Divorce Because Their Husbands Were Jobless

Farah Sadia & Iqbal Hussain
Farah Sadia Iqbal Hussain Divorce
Although Farah could have left showbiz to save her marriage, but it seemed that her husband didn’t have a proper job and Farah had to host her morning show to support herself and her two sons. With tears in her eyes, Farah even told that sometimes she didn’t have enough money to fulfill the household expense.

Farah and Iqbal shocked everyone by ending their 14-year-old relationship with divorce. At the time of divorce, both of them kept this matter private and didn’t disclose the reasons.

In October 2013, Farah was invited by Shaista Lodhi on her morning show “Utho Jago Pakistan”. In that show, Farah spilled the beans about her divorce. She got emotional while telling the hardships she faced. When Shaista asked Farah the reason behind her divorce with Iqbal Hussain, Farah said: “It was due to bad luck”.

Farah Sadia Divorce

Later on, as the show progressed, Farah became more open on the matter. She told that her life was like a “bride laid down in dark grave” and termed herself as “Zinda Dargor”.

Farah told that she asked Iqbal many times to become serious, but he never took Farah’s words seriously.

“In 2005, when I joined ATV morning show, I asked Iqbal to change himself and become serious. I begged him, requested him, and did every possible thing, but of no use,” said Farah.

From Farah’s discussion, it seemed that her ex-husband Iqbal Hussain, didn’t have a proper job and she had no choice but to go back to work to support herself and her two kids.

“I was not given money to fulfill my family and household expenses,” said Farah.

Farah Sadia

Revealing further details about her divorce, Farah told that she filed Nan Nafqa case against Iqbal. *Maintenance under Muslim law is known as “Nafqah” which means what a man spends on his family. “Nafqah” basically includes food, clothing, and lodging. “Nafqah” (living expenses) becomes wajib on the husband after Nikah.

“As he was not fulfilling the household expenses, I filed Nan Nafqah case against him. In response, he sent me divorce papers,” said Farah.

When Shaista asked Farah if morning show was the main reason behind her divorce, Farah (with tears in eyes) replied:

“No Shaista, morning show was not the main reason behind our divorce. Due to the morning show, I didn’t commit suicide. Due to the morning show, my two sons go to school. Due to the morning show, I am able to live.

I have to raise my two sons and for that, I need to earn money in a dignified way. A morning show is among such platforms where you can earn in a respectful way.”

After the divorce, both sons Abdullah and Abdul Rehman remained in the custody of Farah.