Famous National Celebrities Fighting With Serious Diseases And Living Like Winner Of Life

Famous National Celebrities Fighting With Serious Diseases And Living Like Winner Of Life


By definition, chronic diseases refer to those who are long-standing and predicted to be persistent with the passage of time. Many Pakistani celebrities, unfortunately, are diagnosed with chronic diseases that would make any person want to sympathize with them. With that being said, it’s not really a comfortable thought having known your loved one or your favorite celebrity developing a serious illness. For fans and followers, it becomes difficult to find their stars having to put up with the pain and struggle of chronic diseases.We see only one side of celebrities, there are many hardships in their lives which are hidden from people. In this video you will find out facts about your favorite celebrities which you are probably unaware of. There are many Pakistani celebrities who have fought or are fighting serious diseases. Some of these celebrities have openly talked about their illnesses while others don’t talk about it often. All these celebrities have made a big name for themselves which is truly great considering they were fighting their illnesses all these years. These celebrities have worked really hard which is why today they are at the top of their game. Watch the video to find out who these celebrities are.

Sohai Abro Actress And Dancer

Sohai Abro was diagnosed with epilepsy in her late teens.Abro began her training in classical dance at the age of seven from classical dancer Sheema Kermani, and performed in her first music video at the age of eight. She began appearing in telefilms when she was twelve.Suhaee Abro was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. Her mother Attiya Dawood is a well-known poet. Her father Khuda Bux Abro, a visual artist, introduced her to many different kinds of world music. Sohail tells that once she was on shoot and suddenly she had Epilepsy attack so people told her ‘‘Aap pey jinn charrh jata hai.” This is how people treat a patient of epilepsy. Currently Sohai is working to create awareness about Epilepsy among people.

More Celebrities Battling With Illnesses

We are going to tell you the real reason behind Quratulain’s poor health , last year Pakistani TV show host and journalist Iqrar ul Hassan and his wife Qurat-ul-Ain were in USA , Iqrar ‘s wife Quratulain was shifted to hospital in Florida due to 3 back to back attacks of Seizure. Thats why she is looking weak these days due to illness. News is that Laila was suffering from a life-threatening disease cancer and she had treatment in the US. now she is fine and returns to her homeland , she is working in dramas again. she is cousin of Maria Wasti. check out recent interview in which she is telling about cancer. Uzma Gellani reveal in her recent interview that when she come to know that she had cancer so she said ” tum mjhe kia picharo ge mai tumhe pichar dugi” so some one said to her that don’t say that as Allah Dont like it.
Uzma Gellani got married at age of 19 , her husband was 15 year old then her. she survive cancer and come back to dramas. The Badshah of swing Wasim Akram has diabetes since the age of 30. He regularly takes care of himself and never miss talking pills and medicines to control his diabetes. Aneesa mother of Sharmila Faruqui has a mental issue .its not a lie. When she was in jail she was tortured badly and she is anorexia the illness in which a person lose weight automatically. Maya Khan is suffering from thyroid .That was the reason she leave her job as morning show host on express. Another actress Salma suffers depression When Azfar divorced her she was suffering from severe depression .For therapy she use to visit Psychiatrist on daily basis to get out of depression.

 Celebrities Who Survive Cancer

Former Test Cricketer Basit Ali has been admitted in Shaukat Khanum Hospital here after being diagnosed with cancer.According to the administration of the Hospital Basit will undergo chemotherapy treatment after which more tests would be done. Basit Ali’s family has asked the people to pray for his complete recovery. These days Basit is hosting Youtube show about cricket. Pakistani veteran actress Nyla Jaffery is another victim of Cancer. Former actor Raju Jameel posted on his facebook wall that Nyla is battling with cancer decease. Now Nyla is living in Gilgit to stay away from noisy life of urban cities. Asma is sister of Bushra Ansari was diagnosed with cancer last year.Masha Alla after treatment Asma is fine now and spending more time with family. Asma is eldest sister of bushra ansari married to army officer has one daughter name zara she is also actress and recently got married to actor Asad Siddiqui. Palwasha Yousuf is youngest sister of syra shehroz is cancer survivor . Renowned sports journalist, Director Sports & Syndication & Head of PTV Sports, Dr Nauman Niazi has been receiving an abundance of love and support from his friends and family ever since the veteran journalist informed them about his ill health and an upcoming bone marrow transplant.

Celebrities Carrying Diseases And Working  Too


Nadia Jameel was diagnosed with brain tumor but it was ALLAH’S blessing that her brain tumor was minor.She has another tumor in her finger which was removed now as doctors operate it.Now she is healthy and fine Mashallah.Lead vocalist of Overload and former Coke Studio drummer Farhad Humayun has revealed he was diagnosed with brain tumour two weeks ago, according to a local publication. Taking to social media, Humayun stated he suffered from a seizure as well.  Agha Ali was victim of skin disease Psoriasis . Geo TV morning show host Nadia Khan also announced that she will be going on a break for a few months due to her health issues.She has been suffering from back pain issues for quite sometime and needs rest.Unfortunately, the high-spirited and affluent Iman has been suffering from an illness called multiple sclerosis. She often deals with severe headache which comes with the package of her disease. Although her situation has been miserable still she continued participating in fashion projects owing the same everlasting courage and shining ambition. Actress Zhalay Sarhadi reveal in her recent post that she is suffering from Hypothyroidism.