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Famous People Who Belongs To Disturb Family Background

Famous People Who Belongs To Broken Families

A family is everything. Every child needs the love of both father and mother. But unfortunately, there are some Pakistani celebrities who spent their childhood without the complete love of their parents. So lets have a look at Pakistani celebrities with broken families





Pakistani Celebrities Who Comes From Broken Families



Aminah Huq is Mustafa Kharr’s  daughter from one of his earlier marriages. He was the Chief Minister and then the Governor of Punjab in 1970’s during Bhutto regime. Sherzade nilofar haq is mother of Aminah and unfortunately Sherzade and MR Kharr parted their ways . Sherzade hates her MR Kharr a lot . According to media her mother use to said in parties that she want to bring Kharr’s daughter in showbiz to take revenge from him .

Amina Huq is settle in America now and she take divorce from Fashion designer Ammar Belal.Ammar is fashion designer and son of Lahore based Kashmiri Industrialist . Her sister  Sarah Belal is handling their  Business  in Pakistan .