Famous Showbiz personalities and politicians Who Have Two Wives

The host of ARY News famous program Sare-Aam, Iqrar-ul-Hassan, has tied the knot for the second time – and his new wife is none other than his colleague and good friend Farah Yousaf.

The news about Iqrar’s second marriage came out when he went on a vacation with his first wife Qurat-ul-Ain and son Phelaj and uploaded pictures of their trip on social media.

Those shared pictures had Farah Yousaf as an integral part of the trip that made Iqrar’s fans curious about her presence on the family trip. One such curious fan asked Iqrar about Farah’s presence on the trip to which he replied that ‘she is his wife’.

Iqrar-ul-Hassan shared pictures of his both wives along with son to show that he is not hiding his relationships from anyone.

In a tweet, Iqrar posted the pictures captioning them as, “Hiding ?? You must be kidding. Here’s the answer.”

Iqrar-ul-Hassan got married second time with news anchor Farah Yusuf with the consent of his first wife Qurat-ul-Ain and confirmed it on Twitter.

He said that his first family and second wife both are living happily together.

Iqrar’s second wife with his son from the first wife.
Meanwhile, Iqrar-ul-Hassan shut down the Twitterati criticizing him for his second marriage with anchorperson Farah Yousaf.

Iqrar posted a picture from his foreign trip on Twitter where Farah Yousaf could be seen standing behind. This caught the attention of the fans, asking him if that is Farah Yousaf.

When someone asked for an explanation, Iqrar silenced them saying, “What kind of explanation do you need? Farah Yousaf is my wife and she was with me on this trip.

We should not attack personal lives of celebrities but Iqrar’s strong reply to Twitterati has increased his respect among the fans.

Farah Yousaf is also a renowned anchor and newscaster. She joined media after completing her graduation from the University of Punjab in Political Sciences and has worked at a number of popular and leading news channels of Pakistan including Dawn News, Channel 42, ARY News, Dunya News and many others.