Famous Showbiz personalities and politicians Who Have Two Wives

Salman Iqbal who is known for his busyness skills as we all know Salman owns ARY group.He is the most powerful personality of country now. We all know that Salman is married to actress Sonya Khan but now i am telling you before marrying Sonya Salman was already married and his wife is Sabeen Iqbal quite active on social media.

Sabeen and Salman had 4 children . She lives in Dubai and Dubai is like second home for Salman Iqbal.

Sonya Khan got fame after appearing in Ali Haidar’s Tera naam liya to video song. Sonya was popular model actress but at early stage of her showbiz career she choose salman as life partner. Sonya lives in Karachi . Sonya throws parties for her showbiz friends , She is good friend of tooba siddique ,Maria wasti and others. Salman and Sonya had a daughter. They both are living happy married life.