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Few More Showbiz Celebrity Couples Parted Their Ways In Recent Time

Few More Showbiz Celebrity Couples Parted Their Ways In Recent Time

Humaira Arshad And Ahmad Butt


After a long-running legal battle, renowned singer Humaira Arshad and model-actor Ahmad Butt’s divorce has been finalised. Initially the court had issued two divorce notices to Butt on Arshad’s request but then the couple had patched up so they didn’t pursue it further.

However, due to further unavoidable circumstances, the couple called it quits once again, this time, after mutual consent and in the presence of both families.

“Our divorce was ultimately finalised on Monday after mutual understanding. This divorce was a mutual decision and neither of us have any complaints with each other,” Arshad told The Express Tribune.

She continued, “We did this for our son, for his future. I am satisfied with my divorce and will now focus on my work and singing career as I many new opportunities are coming my way.”

Butt also weighed on the matter, “We have finally divorced each other and I have the custody of our son. Humaira Arshad is longer related to me. I humbly request everyone to give us the time and space to cope up with this personal matter.”

He added, “Now that the divorce has been finalised, I also request Humaira Arshad to no longer refer to me as her husband on any platform.”

Family’s version

“The main issue between Humaira and Ahmad was the custody of their son. Humaira has finally handed over their son to Ahmad who will be moving to the US soon,” shared a relative, seeking anonymity.

He continued, “Both families have been exhausted due to their personal issues. Even neighbours began complaining of the two arguing all the time. Therefore, the last resort and only solution was a divorce. Which was finalized with mutual agreement.”


Eshita And Ahmer Nawaz


Eshita was happily married to her boyfriend Name Ahmer . Ahmer Nawaz, who is a banker by profession. Her huge wedding took place 9 years ago in a typically Indianised fashion with lots of festivities and a series of lavish functions, where all and sundry from the media industry were invited.
Unfortunately we get the news that Eshita And Ahmer have parted their ways .

In her previous interview she also reveal main reason behind her depressing life , it was her elder sister’s untimely death who passed away while giving birth to a baby girl. This incident had a severe effect on young Eshita, and since she barely shared a close relationship with either of her parents, Eshita went into the doldrums of depression. But her friends helped her regain the strength and energy to get up again and now she is a self confident girl with a positive outlook on this thing called life. Though she still misses her sister dearly and someday, hopes to take custody of her sister’s 15-year old daughter who lives in a boarding school in Darjeeling, India.
These days Eshita is coming in dramas.




Alyzeh Gabol


Alyzeh tied the knot at a very young age to a guy named Osama. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last long and the couple parted ways just a few years later. From her first marriage, Alyzeh has a cute daughter named Miraal.

Model Alyzeh Gabol started her modeling career while she was completing her A’Levels. After appearing as a contestant in a modeling competition and completing some photo shoots for brands, the young model soon started getting fame and later worked with many A-class designers and also graced the covers of leading fashion magazines.


Shehbaz and Ayesha Linnea

Another sad news came out when model Ayesha Linnea took to her Instagram and announced that she and husband Shahbaz Shigri have parted ways after being together for about a decade. Ayesha who has modelled for top brands and also appeared in the movie Slackistan. Shahbaz is a cinematographer and was also the assistant director of Verna. Ayesha disappeared from her Instagram last year and now after approximately 1 and a half year she broke the sad news to her fans:

The couple got married in 2012. We wish that both of them find peace and happiness as they move on in their lives!