Financial Pressure Which lead Competent Faces To Join Films And Dramas

Financial Pressure Which lead Competent Faces To Join Films And Dramas


Sadia and Alia

Sadia Imam is the most establish celebrity in drama world.In an interview with Nadia Khan Sadia Accepts the truth that she has to work hard to support her family. When Sadia entered in drama world her whole family was dependent on Sadia and Alia. Even Sadia ‘s imam’s bhabhi  like to use Sadia’s wardrobe.

She said in interview ” Apko Kitchen Bhi To Chala na Hota Hai”

these words are enough to understand that Sadia Imam has played her role progress of her family.


Pakistani Actresses Who Confess That They Join Showbiz To Financially Support Their Families


Ayesha Omar
Ayesha comes in this field to earn money as she want to provide financial relief to her mother.

she said

“After graduating l was taking up projects that were making me money so I decided that I didn’t want my mother to be working anymore. She has been teaching all her life. She has worked hard to raise us.”

Ayesha’s father passed away when she was just two years old. “My mother was a single parent so she was scared and protective. For instance, I wasn’t allowed to spend the night at a friend’s home,” she shares. “I lost my father when I was very young, I was only two years old when I lost him,” Ayesha revealed.


Farah Hussain

Farah tells how many thing she suffer in life. once her father slap her because she show her anger before her phupo ,  farah was only 17 year old when her mother was hospitalized and no one from relative come to support Farah, after this incident farah decide she will not live life of poor woman . She will prove that she can handle every thing in life.

Farah Is such a beautiful soul, She gets fame with her character of Dil Baji in Bandhan Drama. She got married to Iqbal Hussain but marriage ended soon. She consider her morning show a blessing for her because she had no money for her children but it was her morning show which helps her to become strong again.


Unknown facts about Sajal Ali’s life will melt your heart

Sajal Ali’s family had financial issues after divorce between her parents . Sajal got her first chance when she appear in Zeroes by Salman Shaikh Mani then she appear in Nadaniyaan on Geotv. Hira wife of Mani proudly reveal that we are the people who give Sajal a chance their project and Sajal is star today.

In recent interview Sajal Revealed about her relationship with father . She tells in media that she was angry with her father because her left sajal ‘s mother when she was in pain . He got married to some other woman .

sajal’s statement

“My mother had a difficult time when my father left. I worked hard and became financially stable and told him we didn’t need his money. I was angry ‘kaisay doosri shaadi kar li!’ After my mother’s death, I eventually learnt to let go. My father speaks regularly with us now and is very proud of me.”

Sajal was disturbed because of her father’s second marriage , the way he left her mother when family needs him makes her childhood more tragic . However things are normal now sajal ‘s younger brother is in Australia for studies her elder sister Saboor Ali is also getting good projects now.


Hina Dilpazeer


Hina Dilpazeer  said in her interview that she had  a unstable married life. Her husband was not in conscious when he  spoke three words of Tallaq to Hina. Hina was too upset  as she has to do extra effort for future of her son.

Her Urdu was too good so she get her first chance in Indian family based drama named meri adhoori mohabbat.Hina was RJ in Dubai. Hina’s son is interested in music and he is working on his music skills.