Inspiring Story Of Model Rabia Butt Will Melt Your Heart

Inspiring Story Of Model Rabia Butt Will Melt Your Heart


Rabia Butt is top Pakistani actress and model, she was awarded Lux Style Awards twice. She was also in cast of Pakistani movie Hijrat as Jia in 2016. She also appeared in Meekal Hasan Band’s music video “Chal Bulleya”. Rabia Butt has performed in various top Pakistani fashion shows and shoots for major brands.Rabia was born in Lahore, Pakistan. She received her early and higher education from Lahore and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. Recently she completed her masters in Mass Communications from Government College And University.
Rabia is eldest among all her siblings including 3 sisters. When her mother died her sisters were so young like one of her sister was 16, other one was 14 and youngest one was just 8 year old .Butt Rabia take care of them like mother .

Her statement about family

“I’ve repeatedly said this before that I was a completely different person before my mother’s death. But after it, I realised that I have to bear all the responsibilities of my family, my three younger sisters. That thought alone has made me let go of a lot of things,” she said.

Rabia Butt shared on speak your heart with Samina Peerzada that she lost her mother in a tragic car accident. She said that she couldn’t get the whole picture of the accident at that time of tragedy but she knows this much, that her mother was the one driving.

Rabia said that her mother had survived even after the accident and It was up to doctors then. Rabia used to blame the doctors and she knew that she lost her mother because it was wrong on the part of doctors but ultimately she had to make peace with the fact that It was destined to happen and that’s how it was written.

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