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Juggan Kazim Summarize How Much Physical Torture She Bear

Adnan Sami and Sabah Galadari

In 2001, Sami married Dubai-based Arab Sabah Galadari. This was his second marriage and Sabah’s second marriage as well; she had a son from her previous marriage. Adnan had kept his second marriage secret. In 2004 they shared the news of their separation and shocked everyone.

In 2007, Adnan’s wife Sabah returned to Mumbai, remarried and began staying with Adnan. Things began to deteriorate again between them. For this reason Sabah approached family court. However, the Family Court granted the appeal of Adnan and said that his second marriage was not legitimate and Sabah is not his wife.

Adnan sami and Sabah Galadari

That time the court stated that Sabah did not follow the Halala procedure during her second marriage with Adnan. So the second marriage is not valid according to Islamic law.

Later, she also filed a case under the domestic Violence act against Adnan. Upon hearing this, Sami’s first wife Zeba Bakhtiar (with whome he has a son with, Azaan Khan) came to his support and said that he could be a bad husband but could never physically hurt anyone. After a long court fights in 2009 sealed his divorce.