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Juggan Kazim Summarize How Much Physical Torture She Bear

Ahmad Butt and Humaira Arshad

Ahmad Butt is the guy who make humaira arshad upset.As we all know humaira is a well known Lahore based singer Humaira has bear ahmad for past 7 years but now she cant able to do more compromise to save their marriage. According to Humaira, Ahmad use to beat her and black mail her,he was involve with other girls too.


Ahmad Butt model and body builder now is in lockup for black mailing his wife. According to Humaira her husband demands a home in return he will give her son back to mother even Humaira was willing to fulfill his demand but after knowing the fact that Ahmad will double cross her so she refuse to give him a house.

Police has arrested Ahmad and his brother , they are in jail now .




Sheering Shah

Sheerin Shah’s X husband was a fraud he wants to take advantage of sheerin’s name.He demands money from sheerin’s showbiz circle’s friend on behalf of her soon sheerin realize that he is not correct person for her.


Shaista Lodhi
Shaista Lodhi’s husband was the worst one who leaked her personal pictures on social media. according to media Mr Wahidi has spread Shaista’s personal pictures.