Latest Pictures Of Adnan Siddiqui With Wife And Children

Latest Pictures Of Adnan Siddiqui With His Wife And Children

Adnan Siddiqui’s mother died when he was so young, his father and elder siblings take care of him as child. his father was really strict man , he never allow him to play after Maghrib as child. Adnan join showbiz in early 90s and got married to Palwasha daughter of tv drama director and actress Humera Zaheer. He had no plans, he was only a model who worked on his terms and conditions, but things took a complete U-turn for him. When Anwar Maqsood approached Siddiqui with a role, he refused it right away. But one day when he went to the PTV office to pick Maqsood up with an acquaintance, the aura of the PTV office brought back memories of the time when he participated in Sohail Rana’s children’s show as a six-year-old. Siddiqui made his first appearance in the sixth episode of Uroosa and became an overnight heartthrob. Father to three lovely children including nine-year-old Mariam, seven-year-old Dania and four-year-old Zaid, Siddiqui has tactfully balanced his real life with reel life. And no matter which Uroosa he meets on the set or what Yalghaar may happen against him, he never compromises on family life. His eldest daughter is studying in abroad.