Life Story Of Frieha Altaf Pakistani Fashion Icon

Life Story Of Frieha Altaf Pakistani Fashion Icon


Freiha Altaf married thrice in her life but all ended on divorce , according to her Pakistani men just want to control their wife because they control their finance so they don’t give them freedom to live life according their desire. She had 2 kids from her third marriage but now she is happily living with her grown up kids and she don’t want to get married again in life as want to spend quality time with her children .

Their was a time in her life when her father died due to sickness , she has only 2000 dollars to survive , she was single mother . her brother in law died and even her Mamoo (uncle ) commit suicide which hurt family a lot but with help of her mother she survive and become biggest example of successful business woman.



Frieha Altaf’s statement about her marred life.

My first husband was never really too bothered about me and he was unfaithful. When I got married for the second time in 1988, I moved to America but in 1989 I came back to Pakistan for a while. Then I couldn’t get a visa to return. While I was working on it, my brother, who was living with my husband in the States at the time, informed me my husband was fooling around. So I decided not to go back. That was the end of that marriage. And then there was the third marriage.

We were living in Canada, I had two kids with my husband. During this time I got my diploma in fashion design while simultaneously teaching at the Barbizon Institute, the oldest modelling school in the world. But my husband and I weren’t getting along. He was involved with another woman. So I asked for a divorce. I had to fight him in court to win custody of the kids. I gave up all rights in order for him to sign a paper allowing me to take the children out of the country.