Pakistani and indian famous celebrities who come from Shia families

Pakistani and Indian famous celebrities who come from Shia families

These celebs are known for their work because they are creative,educated civilized and well mannered.Like Rahat Kazmi brilliant actor who has done CSS and serve Pakistani Drama Industry. Imran Abbas Naqvi an actor and Architect too.Director Anjum Shehzad student of NCA is now working for revival of Pakistani film industry.
Bollywood actor Amir Khan is Shia.indian actor Amir Khan is world wide famous.he is giving moral lessons through his films.Hussain Kujarewala ,Javed Jaffrey and some other indian actors are Shia too.
in this post we do not want to spread hate we just want to tell our audience that which actor is Shia Muslim in India and Pakistan.I hope that our readers will take this post lightly.
Here is the list of popular indian and Pakistani Shia Actors.
All these celebs are proud about their sect and actress like Arooj who has left showbiz world is now working to promote religion.