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Pakistani Dramas Actors Who Deserve A Second Chance

Pakistani Dramas Actors Who Deserve A Second Chance



The biggest reason behind decline of any Pakistani Dramas actor in Pakistan is that he started doing so many dramas at the same time.When actor appears on every channel he lost his value and audience become bored seeing same actor in every second drama on tv.
I have seen so many talented girls and guys who have lost their charm as they appeared in so many Pakistani Dramas in same time.


Television is medium of youth and most of the youth want to see new faces in every drama but when our directors cast Pakistani Dramas actors in those character which are not written for them so people loose their interest in drama and start hating the actor.
Pakistani Dramas Actors Who Deserve A Second Chance.There are some hard working actors who deserve a second chance to prove themselves in Pakistani Dramas.I have chosen some names who deserves definitely another chance .
Well in this article i want to discuss those actor who are talented brilliant but due to their bad luck they do not got recognition what they deserve the most and in my point of view they should given at least a second chance to prove themselves.Many are who were fail to make any impact through their acting performances should deserve another chance and a good one.
They should cast in lead and challenging roles in mega budget dramas to tell every that they deserve the spot.

There are some hurdles for actors who deserve a second chance and who want to make powerful comeback.Now there are so many new faces who are ruling on hearts of youth and Pakistani Dramas Viewers . Choice of audience is changed now.People want to more glamour ,more style more entertainment.Demand of sponsor is became an issue as sponsor recommend actors who have already huge fan following that why most of channel refuse to by those Pakistani Dramas which contain low profile actors and actresses.
Age is another issue as most of the people want to see unmarried and leass than 30 actors more on screen.Dramas like Humsafar ,Zindagi Gulzar Hai ,Pyare Afzal and other big serial were successful in creating because of their young cast.People use to follow young hero heroins.I remember when Humsafar was onair there so many girls who change their facebook profile picture to Khirad and Boys use to copy the syle of Ashar.
Its not so easy for guys who want to make comeback on screens they need to make them fit then they need to work on their acting skill and the most important thing they need be punctual a bit.
Lets see how many Pakistani Dramas actors deserves a second chance.

Ishita Mehboob
I remember Ishita was come as supporting actress and soon she became lead heroin of Pakistani Dramas.She act as lead heroin in Mor Us Gali Ka Tha.
she started her career from drama serial Kuch Baate Unkahi See Hai written by faiza iftekhar along with Maria Wasti and Danish Taimoor.
After getting married Ishita disappeared and when she make her comeback with Aik Naye Cindrella in supporting role her hard work gone in vein.
She is still failed to fine roles of her caliber.