Pakistani Famous People Marriages Ended Within Few Years Or Months

Pakistani Famous People Marriages Ended Within Few Years Or Months

Yasra Rizivi

Yasra was crying while telling about her divorce , Yasra was only 22 years old when she got married to her relative . According to Yasra her in laws were not as bad but circumstances were not according to  her. Her  marriage ended at very young age  now Yasra is wife of producer Abdulhadi, She is giving powerful performances in drama serials like Baji Irshad.


Sarmad Sultan Khoosat

Sarmad Sultan Khoosat is of the most creative director of his field , No one can compete him when it comes to comedy , Humsafar was hit because of Sarmad’s direction . Interesting fact about sarmad is that once he got married to daughter of her father’s friend. After 6 months his marriage ended but Sarmad confess that  it was his fault that his marriage ended after gap of few months. Sarmad also tells that his ex wife is now mother of two kids and she is happy with her second marriage. Sarmad use to give lectures in colleges of Lahore these days. Sometimes he gives theater performances too.  For Sarmad is not a handsome hunk but a honest soul who confess everything about himself .


QB Youth Icon

QB tells in her interview how she got married out of the will and that marriage ended soon. QB was unhappy the way she got married. She left her education. Her childhood was quite difficult because she cant get her mother’s love after her father’s separation. QB had 8 siblings, few of them are half sibling of QB.