Tragic Life Of Famous Singers Behind The Cameras

Humaira Arshad

Ahmad Butt is the guy who make humaira arshad upset.As we all know humaira is a well know lahore based singer Humaira has bear ahmed for past 7 years but at that time she cant able to do more compromise to save their marriage.according to humaira ahmad use beat her and black mail her,he was involve with other girls too.

QB Met Her Mother After Decade
While talking on famous show Rewind With Samina Peerzada, QB tells that she grew up in her phupho’s house because her parents divorced when she was young. She recalls their relationship saying that both of her parents belonged to a different school of thoughts and never got along. Due to them being poles apart, their relationship was never pleasant.
It resulted in her father divorcing her mother, and choosing to live with his second wife. Later her mother took custody of her sister and also left her to live in the United States.
QB talked in detail about how living alone for the most part in life shaped her opinions altogether. She said that she made many efforts to bring them on one page and save the relationship they had but failed. She recalled that back in 2013 when she met a serious accident, it was after ages that she saw her parents in one room. But soon, it again turned into a hot battleground where both of her parents were arguing with each other while she laid there fighting for her life. She said that at that moment, she finally decided to give up on them.