10 Famous Celebrities Who Got Married To Divorces People


Juggan Kazim is married to a guy who is already divorced.He has 2 daughters with his first wife.
Now Juggan is expecting second child.




khushboo was first married to politician and she has one daughter from first husband too but after getting divorce khushboo tied the knot with young handsome arbaaz khan who was graduate from national college of arts Lahore.
now both are living happy they have too sons.
According to news Khushboos’s first husband was politician.


during pakistan tour of india in 2005 shoib mkalik got married to haiderabadi girl ayesha siddique . ayesha comes from rich back ground ayesha told that before marriage she gone through weight loss surgery . shoib malik gives her so much tension as she become sugar patient .
before got married to sania shoib divorced ayesha.