10 Things You Probably Dont Know About Affan Waheed Playing Badar in Do Bol

10 Things You Probably Dont Know About Handsome Hunk Affan Waheed


Affan is  graduate of the National College of Arts, he made his transition from painting to acting in 2006 with a role in Tere Pehlu Mein.


Affan Waheed ‘s first ever tv show was KOLLEGE JEANS back in 1999 , He was seen in few scenes of Kollege Jeans. As we all know Kollege Jeans was all about students of NCA and at that time actors like Imran Abbas, Ali ZAFAR And Ayesha Omar were part of that historic institute.


Yumna Zaidi gives credit to Affan Waheed for introducing her in showbiz, according to Yumna it was Affan who give her let her first project on ATV and Affan was their family friend so he give yumna pick and drop service too so she can comfortably  adjust in this field.


Affan Waheed wedding took place in 2016 in a family event with Aysha Jalali but unfortunately due to some personal reasons the marriage couldn’t last for long and he got divorced. The actor himself confirmed the news of his divorce when news went viral about his engagement with the fellow actor Iqra Aziz which he completely denied on his Instagram account by officially declaring himself single.


Very few people know Affan Waheed was topper of his class when he was in school.His mother reveal in her interview that Affan use to get first position till 7th standard.

A funny incident happened on sets of Do Bol , on first day of shoot When Affan first time met Hira he said to her that Hira you look so young on tv but in real life you look so old like you are 40 year old woman and hira was really to heard such thing about herself she was a bit confuse and was not able to do scenes on that day.

few lines from Affan’s interview

“I thought I’m a fresh graduate;let’s just give it a try and see how it goes and luckily there has been no looking back ever since,” He narrates.
The little Affan never aspired to become an actor.His childhood stories were fun to listen to, “Sorry if I sound pompous but I was a highly intelligent student [laughs]. I never even stood second in my class. My parent wanted me to become a doctor and even I desired the same .My drawing skills were exceptional with all the meticulous details. My fellow mates used to get shocked that how could my parents allow me to take interest in such activities. Later, my father gave me the idea of enrolling in NCA and I got admitted in the first go!” the self-made artist recalls cheerfully.


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