15 Famous Celebrities You Had Know Idea Are Relative Of Bureaucrats

15 Famous Celebrities You Had Know Idea Are Relative Of Bureaucrats

*Tahira Syed

Tahira Syed was born to Kashmiri vocalist Malika Pukhraj and Syed Shabbir Hussain Shah, government official and writer , She revealed in her recent interview that her father was bureaucrat and her parents love to discuss politics at home. Tahira Syed said in her recent conversation with samina pirzada that she is satisfied with her life and she had no plan to get marred again.

*Fakhre Alam

Fakhre Alam’s mother Aroosa Alam is the daughter of Aqleem Akhtar one of the six kids she had from her marriage with a police officer. Aroosa Alam married a civil officer. Fakhre Alam’s father was bureaucrat , his mother  Aroosa also started her journalism career and is a prominent journalist working in English newspapers.

* Dr Fazeela Abbasi

Dr Fazeela Abbasi is sister of Hamza Ali Abbas who is former bureaucrat but he resign. His family has connection with Shah Mehmood Qureshi too.

Hamza’s statement about CSS

Yes it is true that I have worked as a civil service officer. I have done CSS and I was doing job in Police group. I resigned from my job just because for my passion. This was the only reason that my mother has not been talking to me properly since the day I left my job from Police group.


*Iffat Omar

Iffat Omar’s husband is a CSS officer . He is in grade -19 and working in Bs-20.She changed her sir name from Iffat Raheem to Iffat Omar.Her husband’s elders were reluctant to have their son married to a model but the guy persisted that it’s only her who he wanna get married to.


Dr Shireen Mehrunnisa

*Dr Shireen Mehrunnisa Mazari is a very strong and well educated woman, a professor, and a very bold Pakistani politician, commonly known by the name as Shireen Mazari. She is the daughter of a bureaucrat and a politician Ashiq Muhammad Khan Mazari. Currently she is a Member of National Assembly of Pakistan from fastest growing party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI). She was elected on the reserved seat for women from PTI.


*Lollywood actress Anjuman Married to a Grade-21 officer (Chairman CBR Housing Society . Anjuman lived in England for quite sometimes. Her husband was killed in 2013.


Veena Malik

*Veena Malik’s qualified siblings

She said

”Jab mai apni behno k beech me bethti hu literally i feel complexed
One of my sister is mathematician in Berlin Germany.
Another singer younger to me has just passed CSS exam and youngest one is in fourth year of MBBS. My brother is lawyer .
Aor jab mai unke beech me beth ti hu to i feel like i am aelien”

*Famous Pakistani News Anchor Maria Memon just got married to a CSS Topper Umar Riaz. Currently working as journalist with ARY Networks, Maria has been the buzz of journalism industry for quite sometime now. Just 6 months age , Maria wedded CSS topper Umar Riaz.

*Umera Ahmad

Few years back Umera Ahmad tied the knot in private ceremony. Umera is famous Pakistani writer and best among this generation of current writers. in 2010 she was named most influential female of  state by Urdu Digest.
Umera’s husband is highly qualified and educated person . He use to teach at CSS academy in Lahore.Her husband’s name is Arsam Aftab. He is a civil servant by profession, a deputy commissioner in income tax department , 33rd common. He has served in army education corps too before joining civil service. He was posted in civil services academy Lahore on a deputation. They were engaged for last few years.   He has also done MBA from IBA Karachi.

*Mikaal Zulfqar

Mikaal Zulfiqar’s father is retired Bureaucrat , His father use to serve foreign department of country . His mother was British Government official  appointed in Pakistan. Basically Mikaal is Aadha Angrez  hahah lets end the article on lighting note.

*Juggan Kazim

Do you know the fact that Juggan Kazim is niece of late governor Salman Taseer. According to Juggan when she was in crisis , it was Shaan Taseer her cousin come to rescue her. Juggan reveal that it was Sanam Taseer daughter of Salman Taseer who find a husband for her .

Adnan Sami Khan

*Arshad Sami Khan was a Pakistani diplomat, bureaucrat and soldier. He started his career as a Pakistan Air Force fighter pilot and later served 3 Presidents of Pakistan as their aide-de-comp (A.D.C.) and later went on to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he served 3 Presidents and 4 Prime ministers as chief of protocol. He was later appointed as a diplomatic ambassador of Pakistan to 14 countries. This was followed by his appointment as the first Commissioner General of Pakistan. He was also Federal Secretary of Culture and retired as a top Grade-22 bureaucratic officer.


* Maya Khan

Maya khan is daughter of former ambassador.Her father was ambassador during Bhutto’s reign. Maya Khan’s husband reveal that all her family is settle in America and they want Maya to settle in USA but she refuse and she love Pakistan from core of her heart thats why she want to serve Pakistan .

* Zeba Bakhtiar

Zeba Bakhtiar belongs to Balochistan’s feudal family.Yahya Bakhtiar was former Attorney General of Pakistan during Bhutto’s Era.According to Zehba her father advice her that whenever you think about working in films remember from which family back ground you come.Her father was not just senior bureaucrat but a competent lawyer too.