15 unknown facts about Dr Shaista will melt your heart for her

This Article is specially written by fan of Dr Shaista Lodhi. In this article her fan disclosing some untold facts about life of Dr Lodhi.

no body knows that religious side of shaista api ,,once shaista api father told in a show that main aik dafa shaista k ghar rehne gea to main pani pene gea to shaista k room ki light on the ,main door knock kr k andar gea to she was praying main jab pocha to btaea tahajud parh rahe thi,,main n kaha fajar ki namaz parh kr soti ho ge dobara to kehti hai baba namaz parhon g abhi ,pr quran prhn g translation k sath,pr kuch time apne sath spend krn g aur bachon k school ka time ho gea,,she was throught asking her father in show not tell