15 unknown facts about Dr Shaista will melt your heart for her

8.she is not much social person ,,don’t have much friends in media aur 2,4 hain unka bhi ghar ana, jana kam hai aur social events award etc or bht he kam jati hain ,,prefer to spend as much time with family as possible

9.Shaista api n jab dramas kae,,she said her mother didn’t know at all,,she just worked by permission and support of hubby ,,she said hum 2no ko bht dant parhi ama se jab unhe pta chala

10.she is very kind hearted person and also working for many social issue by helping many social organization ,,now a days she is working with “The citizen foundation ‘ through ‘shaista lodhi fundraiser” to overcome educational emergency by educting poor children,,will send u link also

11.she is a very bad driver

12..people often say that she is not a good mother ,,I WANT THEM MEET her 3 children they well be ashamed of their thinking ,,as masha ALLAH her all 3 children especially eldest one shafay they are so beautifully brought up ,,they offer all prayers ,even youngest one emaan is keeping all fast ,,shafay is also supporting “the citizen foundation” ,,he goes to road signals at aftaar time with water bottles and aftari to distribute them to pessangers,,they are so well mannered and in real terms “SULJHE” hoe bche and this is all results of her effort she has put on them ,,in their childhood she took them to hospitals,rehablitation centers and to social well fare organizations so that they can feel pain of others and also they can thank God for blessings God have blessed them,,,bache unke in se itna pyar krte hain k jaan bsti hai in main bchon k ,,they love her to level if she says sun rises from west they will believe

wanna tell a cute incident her cute,lil dAUGHTER Emaan,,she said as bache quran translation k sath aur hadees parhte and apne Quran teachers who told them k maa ko pyar s dekhne se hajj majror ka sawab milta hai ,,to she keep on seeing me with so much love all time ,I said yeh kia kr rahi ho bete ,she said hajj ka sawab le rahi hn

13.Her parents told she is binding force of family ,,she make sure family k sare mard Friday prayer aik sath parhne gaen aur ladies bhi aik sath unke ghar namaz parhen aur than Friday prayer k bhd unke han family lunch hta hai

14.Adnan bhe k dress ,shoes ,waise coats each and every thing shaista api khud select krti hain,,