20 Unsuccessful Star Kids Who Prove You Need More Than Just Connections To Make It Big In Pakistani Dramas

20 Unsuccessful Star Kids Who Prove You Need More Than Just Connections To Make It Big In Pakistani Dramas

If there was ever a business that thrived on nepotism, it would be Showbiz . Ask any of the thousands of aspiring actors struggling in Karachi – the best way to get your foot in the big door of D-town, is to be born into a showbiz family.

While the bloodline formula has worked for many from Asif Raza and Jana Malik to Ahad Raza Mir and Zara Noor Abbas , it didn’t work out that well for some others.



Nirwan Nadeem


Nirvaan Nadeem, son of Ajoka Theatre’s beloved founders Madeeha Gohar and Shahid Nadeem. He is step brother of Actress Sawera Nadeem. Nirwan appear in many projects . I know he is skillful and talented but he limited himself to few roles.


Ali Abbas

Waseem Abbas son is  Ali Abbas, who is also actor of Pakistan’s showbiz industry. I don’t consider ali as successful star kid. because he is type casted now. in all dramas his roles are same. in all dramas he is playing evil brother in law who fell in love with his own sister in law like he played in Khali Haath.


Ali Kazmi

After working for 7 years in Pak dramas actor Ali Kazmi went to abroad , because of failed acting career. people did not accept him as lead actor. he make his come back by appearing in drama serial baagi which was a hit but still ali needs more good and brilliant script so he can prove people that he equally talented as his father was.

Daniyal Raheal


Daniyal Raheal is one of those actors who do very selected projects. Some people may not know that Daniyal Raheal is the brother and son of celebrities. He is Mehreen Raheal’s brother and Seemi Raheal’s son. Although he was born in a family associated with the drama industry. Danyal is still not that much popular actor.



Syed Tabrez Ali


Syed Tabrez Ali Shah is new actor  of Pakistani dramas . He is son famous actor who use to play supporting characters in PTV dramas. Even Syed Tabrez Ali Shah  was childstar too. i am sure if you are lover of ptv dramas so you must remember his appearance in old dramas .

Tabrez ‘s last hit and remarkable drama was Abro and now he is playing Kanwal Baloch’s killer brother character in Baaghi drama , Baaghi is no 1 drama these days. After Baagi unfortunately , Tabrez failed to carry the success of drama and still he is appearing in supporting roles.

Momal Sheikh

With focusing on just acting career , Shehzad Sheikh created impact in mind of drama audience and people have accepted him as fine and polished actor. But Mamal Sheikh is not like her brother . She get so many chances to prove her self but she cannot prove her. Momal worked in Indian film also but still we cannot consider as successful celebrity kid. Javed Sheikh said that I told Momal if you want to actor after marriage with permission of your husband you can choose acting as profession. Javed denied the allegation that he use his influence to get chance in Bollywood movie for momal. Momal has to perform so she can become big name of tv.

Adil Murad

Adil Murad Born to a star father Waheed Murad (late), Adil has been a part of glitz and glamour since he was a child. He worked in two films as a child star and one in his teens. However, he professionally started acting in 2005. He was first introduced to television by Sania Saeed and Shahid Shafaat.  Adil worked in films but his films were flop on box office. he worked in dramas even he host few shows like laakho ka sach on aplus and buri aurat drama but he failed to impress audience and now he is not so active in showbiz. His family is settle in USA but he comes to Pakistan for showbiz work.


Sheheroz Sabwari

Shehroz is still waiting for his break through in showbiz. shehroz appeared in dramas and even in films also. his movie chain aae na was disaster as it was directed by syed noor but critics give 0 rating to movie. shehroz is  stille appearing in dramas but not making any impact.

Anzela Abbasi


Anzela is daughter of Javeria Abbasi and Shamoon Abbasi. She appeared in few dramas but her appearance did not create hype in media. Even Javeria Abbasi said in her interview that ” meri beti Anzela meri parchi hai.” it means her mother accept that javeria played important role in letting anzela get her first chance but due to bad luck she cannot utilize the chance.