2018 Year Of Divorces Between Showbiz Couples

Pakistani Celebrities who got Divorced in 2018

In year 2018 a number of great news of many actors getting married were broken but some of the sad news was also heard about certain celebrities getting separated from each other. It does never sound good talking about such down incidents but since they are in public eye, it needs to be discussed somehow. Next is a list of those hapless couples for whom things didn’t work great & consequently they had to get separated.

1: Sanam Balouch & Abdullah Farhatullah

This couple was surely known as the most beautiful & charming couple together. Nobody could believe that this actually happened but this is how bitter reality introduces itself. Sometime ago people made assumptions about this marriage not working when Sanam out of a sudden changed her name back to her maiden one. At that time, she didn’t allow people to think that way & negated all those assumptions regarding her married life. Later on Sanam revealed the heart wrenching news in an interview to Samina pirzada.

2: Veena Malik & Asad Khattak

Veena Malik is a name which needs no further introduction due to her utmost controversial life. She has always been in controversies one after the other right after she worked in India. However she tied the knot with a Dubai based singer Asad Khattak in 2013. The couple has two children a boy & a girl. In early years it seemed to be a perfect happy couple but a year back a lot of controversy was there regarding their marriage not working well. Somehow things were settled down & they patch up once again but this year Veena finally announced that they are no more into their marriage.

3: Fiza Ali & Fawad Farooq

Fiza Ali tied knot with Fawad Farooq in 2009 & was known as a happy couple since their divorce was announced. The couple has a beautiful daughter named Faraal. Their divorce was quite a secret thing & people could know about it only when she got married to Ayyaz malik & announced her second marriage on her social media account.

4: Aisha Linnea & Shahbaz Shigri

Gorgeous model Aisha LInnea got married to actor & director Shahbaz Shigri in 2012. The couple was known to be the most beautiful couple in the industry. Aisha had been away from social media for about two years but she resumed her social media account & the first news she broke was the sad news of her divorce.

5: Mathira & Farran J Mirza

Mathira is known to be the most controversial celebrity of Pakistani industry. She also announced her marriage in a very controversial manner when her baby bump was seen everywhere & people were throwing many abusive remarks on her for that. At that time she announced that she got married in a private ceremony to a Dubai based singer in 2012. The couple has a son but unfortunately things didn’t work well for them & they had to part ways right this year forever.

Although getting married & divorced both are unavoidable since circumstances & love & hate are the culprits behind these two aspects of life. We wish all the divorced couples very best of luck towards a new happy life for come what may life must go on.

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