51 Facts About Your Favorite Celebrities I Bet You Dont Know


51 Facts About Your Favorite Celebrities I Bet You Dont Know



Kubra Khan Is Not Fatima Khan’s Sister!

Lately, all the social media pages have been posting news that Kubra Khan is Fatima Khan’s sister but that is not true! The misunderstanding occurred when Fatima Khan posted a picture of her and Kubra on instagram and wrote the caption “Sister Act”. Kubra Khan started her career from a TV show with Ahmed Ali Butt and Fatima Khan Butt and later on Fatima Khan was the one who asked Kubra Khan to do two commercials and that is how the Na Maloom Afrad director Nabeel spotted her and asked her to work in his film. Kubra Khan considers Ahmed Ali Butt and his wife family but they are not related!

Do you know Who is Abbas Jaffrey



Abbas is charismatic model turn politician . Now he is member of Sindh assembly.

little info about Abbas Jaffrey

Jaffrey was already a senior vice president of district central Karachi and has served as culture secretary in Karachi cabinet of the PTI. Jaffrey also claims to have a Master’s degree in two disciplines; one in Political Science and other in Criminology from University of Karachi.

The model vows to start with the most basic issues such

Do you know the interesting facts that former actress Urooj Nasir is sister of news anchor Syed Ali Haider.

Haider Ali is famous news anchor

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Atif Support MK

Atif Aslam said that He suggest Shoib Mansoor to cast Mahira in Bol film. There were  options but Atif prefer Mahira for that role.

Pak Artist in Inda

 According to Indian director and producers the biggest reason why they cast Pakistani celebrities in their films is that  our celebrities have no attitude problem , They dont ask for heavy fees and they just ask management to pay their hotels  bills and Air Tickets.