9 Pakistani Actresses Who Got Divorce In 2018

9 Pakistani Actresses Who Got Divorce In 2018

Sanam Saeed

Sanam revealed that when she was 15 year old she fall in love with someone but it does not goes well so she moved on in her life. At age of 30 in 2015, She got married to childhood friend, Farhan Hasan who is a banker from Karachi. Sanam Reveal that her marriage ended just after 2 years , however it was love marriage.
According to her she loves freedom and when she got married , she get a feel that people want to bound her. Soon she realize that she cannot obey other and cannot live according to others. It was not her nature to follow others and to kill desire of heart. It was most difficult time of her life as her mother was battling with cancer on bed and on other hand her marriage was on risk , She had no choice except to get divorce.
She confess that her husband deserve more attention and care , Sanam is a person who cannot heart someone , who cannot speak lie. This is the first time i saw someone on national television accept that it was her fault behind her failed marriage .
Sanam’s statement about divorce
“I think I couldn’t balance my marriage and my mother’s deteriorating health. I realised it was unfair to my husband to have my divided attention. I understood he deserved better and should go for that. He deserved the attention of a partner, not another headache and I didn’t want to share my time with anyone else but my mother. So when I finally gave up, I had a sense of relief,” she stated.

Sanam Baloch

According to our sources Sanam Baloch and Abdullah Farhat parted their ways . Sanam filed for divorce 7 months ago . After getting divorce Sanam ‘s drama Chupke Se come to hit the screen but failed to impress audience . Now Sanam is single . Sanam’s ex husband Abdullah belongs to Dera Ismail Khan small city in KPK. Abdullah is host and actor but he is not successful as compare to Sanam .

Sanam Baloch first time discuss about her married life while giving interview to Samina Pirzada , she said that  abdullah was  very good friend and nice human being , according to them their friendship was enough to get married.Sanam Baloch was crying while telling that she is alone .


Veena Malik

Veena Malik has been known as the ‘Drama Queen’ of Lollywood, and she announced her departure from showbiz in 2013 after getting married to Asad Khattak. Yesterday she appeared as a guest at a Ramazan transmission on a national channel. While taking about her married life she revealed that she had filed Khula from her husband and now the couple has separated finally.

Last year, the couple was in news and headlines because of speculations regarding their divorce and complications related to the marriage, but it seemed as if things had been sorted out. However, it turned out that the couple had kept their divorce hidden from the media. Veena Malik left showbiz after marriage and didn’t make any public appearance until recently, but the actresses had disclosed her decision of taking Khula in  talk show.

While talking about her relationship, she shared: “I think that marriage is very delicate and sensitive relationship and as an artist, I just wanted to set an example for us and I did. ”


Fiza Ali

Fiza Ali ends 10 years long marriage with Fawad Farooq with whom she has one daughter .Fiza Ali has limited her showbiz activities after getting married to fawad farooq in 2007. in 2014 fiza ali give birth to a daughter . after birth of daughter started showbiz activities again by doing dramas and giving appearance in morning shows on daily basis.

Her show Eidi Sub Ke Lia become controversial  because of strange games , Fiza has not disclose about her divorce its like a shock even for her showbiz friends like Nadia Hussain gives comment on her photo that if its true so its surprising and shocking .

Motivational Speaker Muniba Mazari

Khurram Shahzad, a former fighter pilot of the Pakistan Air Force, has filed a suit against Mazari in the court of additional district and sessions judge Muhammad Adnan for her “libelous statements”.
Muniba is famous social activist unfortunately her marriage ended on divorce note. Her former husband got married to some other girl and has a son too. Muniba is serving as social activist in society. Muniba has adopted a boy.



Mathira married a Punjabi singer who goes by the name of Flint J in a private ceremony in Pakistan in 2013. in january 2018, while giving interview  Mathira hinted that her marriage is in trouble but pleaded for privacy and said she was shocked that TV channels and online publications are claiming that she spoke about her personal life with them.Soon in Instagram posts she announces her divorce . Now she is living with her son.

Addressing her ex-husband Flint J, she wrote, “I tried to keep this marriage, I tried my best to hold on! It was not easy and yes, people will judge me in the society because the woman is always blamed and labelled lol ok! So yes the divorce is done, the hell I am going through and went through only I know and I don’t need anyone to know it! I was supporting myself and my child this whole time and will carry on doing that, I loved you and still do! Yes, even if you do not love me…”

“I only loved you and still will but this time from a distance. I am a loser yes because I prefer you being a winner! I hope you have a blessed relationship and lovely life! My absence won’t be missed I know.The last public I LOVE YOU ME AND AAHIL WONT EVER come back in your life ROCK STAR YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT! At least one of us is living the dream and having a good time! You say I was a dark phase of your life okay ! Allah is there, I wish you light now,” she added.

“My son is my life line and that’s all! I don’t trust the word love any more! You won! I lost publicly! #flintj I always said I can’t live without you but today, you cut and left me no option now I have too! There is no going back. Congratulations for you Freedom Flint J single life back in action!”


Aisha Linnea Akhtar

Aisha Linnea Akhtar is a Pakistani Model and Got Married to Actor/Director Shahbaz Shigri 10 Years ago and now Divorced

She Posted this Status on her Facebook.

Hello! I know I tend to be a pretty private person, but there comes a point where it’s easier to just put something out there rather than answer the same tough questions individually, over and over again. The majority of messages I’ve received over the past year have been overwhelmingly kind and supportive so I feel like the least I can do is update you all a bit…
I get 3 questions in my DMs on a daily basis:
1. Where have you disappeared to?
2. What’s going on with you and Shahbaz?
3. Can you start posting again?

I’ll start with the hardest first. Shahbaz and I parted ways last June after being together for nearly a decade, so to say it’s been the toughest year ever would be an understatement. We’re now both getting on with life and will always love and respect each other a great deal. I’d like to just leave it at that and hope you can respect my privacy.

I disappeared because it never felt natural for me to share even my outwardly perfect life online, let alone a life that felt so strange and broken. Thus the 1.5 year insta-hiatus.

I started a new chapter in life a while ago, and would like to do the same online now. I’ve put a lot of work into improving my mental and physical health this year and as cliched as it may be, I do feel like a new person. Life is good.
I’m very thankful for all of your kindness and I’m gonna try to start posting more often. I don’t know exactly what or how often, but this is a start.