A Famous Morning Show Host Got Married Third Time

A Famous Morning Show Host Got Married Third Time

Yes you heard right what i am saying , but you have to wait for a while until we get some solid evidence to prove what we claim . At the moment lets play a guess game . I am going to give you some hints and you have to guess the popular Celeb Couple.

Hint 1. A famous morning show host got married third time .

Hint 2. She Got Married to a popular news anchor

Hint 3. Both morning show host and News anchor works for same media group even for same channel.

Hint 4. They got married in start of Rmzan in a private Nikkah ceremony , But at the moment they dont want to disclose anything .

Hint 5. This news is confirmed by a person who is working in this channel on high scale .

Hint 6 . If we reveal their names you can’t digest it.

Hint 7. This marriage is 4th time for the popular news anchor to become groom .


We are working to get their wedding pictures so we will reveal the name soon INSHAH ALLAH

Keep on guessing this celebrity couple ………