A Famous Morning Show Host Got Married Third Time

SHAISTA WAHIDI a morning show host, before she was working in ARY then moving towards geo “utho jago pakistan,”

I remember when Shaista use to host morning show on ARY , She confess that her mother in law is not like the way she host the show but in one episode she invite her first husband to show the bond between couple at that time nobody expect that shaista and mr wahidi can parted their ways . After shaista’s divorce somebody leaked her personal photographs on social media which hurt this lady a lot .

she recently openly declared on tv about her divorce, but every one has personal life, we cant say any thing bad about any one, every one has a right to live according to their life, but media need news, recently some odd pictures leaked of shaista wahidi which gives the perceptions of divorce, but that was too old even date is also mention it was on 2008, well every body has a past, we are not angel, we wanted that her son and daughter should not indulge in this complex which create disturbance in their family , thats her own personal decision and she is happy to live freedom with her children.

Now  Shaista is married to her cousin and living with her three kids . Her husband Adnan is settle in South Africa. Shaista visits Africa to meet her husband .