A Famous Morning Show Host Got Married Third Time

Ayesha Sana Divorce
Pakistani television actress and former PTV morning show host Ayesha Sana got married twice but both marriages failed.
First Marriage & Divorce: Her first marriage was with Tariq Khawaja, with whom she had a son named Ahad Tariq Khawaja. In 2002, Ayesha took Khula from Tariq. As per sources, Ayesha Khan took Khula from her first husband due to so many disturbances and misunderstandings between the couple. Their son Ahad, remained in the custody of Ayesha after divorce.
Second Marriage & Divorce: In June 2003, Ayesha Sana married PTV MD Yousaf Baig Mirza who was already married before and had kids. Nine years later Mirza divorced Ayesha. Ayesha and Yousaf were blessed with a baby boy (Mustafa Mirza) in 2011. But Yousaf refused to accept him as his child and refused to give his appellation. This was the main reason behind their divorce.