Actors You Won’t Believe Were The First Choice For These Popular Serials

Actors You Won’t Believe Were The First Choice For These Popular Serials



Usama Khan Rejected Big Dramas

Usama Khan revealed in an interview with Something Haute that he has rejected some big dramas. Usama said that he focuses more on his character than anything, he feels that his character needs to have a margin for performance. He would not just do any role if there is no room for him to grow. He revealed that he has rejected dramas like Rang Mahal and Sinf e Aahan as he did not feel the character he was offered had enough room for performance.





Sanam Jung Manmayal

Sanam Jung reveal in her current interview that in 2015 she was offered to play Mannu in Manmayal but at that time she was getting married so she refuse to play that role in Manmayal opposite Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Faysal Qureshi  Hamsafar

Faysal Qureshi was the first choice for playing Asher’s role in Hamsafar. After reading the script he wasn’t too impressed therefore he decided not to play the role. Faysal Qureshi loves playing challenging roles, he likes variations in the characters he plays therefore he found this script to be too plain. In an interview, Faysal also shared that he finds it really difficult to romance on screen. Perhaps, that was another reason why he refused to play Asher’s role. It was only after Faysal Qureshi rejected the role that Fawad Khan was offered it. Hamsafar went on to become the most iconic dramas in Pakistani drama history. Fawad and Mahira’s on-screen couple also became a massive hit. Imagine how it all would have turned out has Faysal Qureshi accepted the script!

Ushna Shah Goya

According to news drama serial Goya was first offered to actress Ushna Shah , even the shoot of that drama started but due to circumstances that role was given to another actress.

Sonya Hussyn  Mere Pass Tum Ho

Sonya Hussyn was the first choice for playing the role of Mehwish in Mere Pass Tum Ho which was later played by Ayeza Khan. The producer of the play Humayun Saeed shared in an interview that initially he wanted to cast Aisha Khan in the role but she got married and left showbiz. Sonya Hussyn was the next choice for playing the role. Sonya however refused to play the role because she did not want to play a character that portrayed a female in such negative light. Mere Pass Tum Ho was a massive hit but Sonya does not regret her decision at all. She shared in an interview that her decision was well-thought-out therefore she is happy that Ayeza did justice to the character.

Fawad Khan  Bin Roye and Mata-e-Jaan

Bin Roye is the only Pakistani film which was also shown in the form of a drama serial on television. After Hamsafar, Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan’s on-screen jodi became a massive hit, that is why Fawad Khan was the first choice for playing the role of Irtiza in Bin Roye. Fawad Khan was busy with his projects in India at the moment therefore he rejected the offer. Humayun Saeed played that role then and Bin Roye turned out to be a popular drama and film.

Fawad Khan was also the first choice for playing the role of Ibad Aabi  in Mata-e-Jaan Hei Tu. This was another drama written by Farhat Ishtiaq, the writer of Hamsafar and Bin Roye and the producer was the same as well. Yet again Fawad could not be part of the project because he was not in the country and could not get the visa on time.

Feroze Khan  Mere Pass Tum Ho

Humayun Saeed, who was also the producer of Mere Pass Tum Ho offered Feroze Khan the lead role of Danish in Mere Pass Tum Ho which he later essayed himself. Feroze Khan in an interview clearly stated that he was not very fond of Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar who wrote the script for Mere Pass Tum Ho. Feroze also shared that he did not like the writer because in his opinion he was too proud. When the role was offered to Feroze Khan, he quoted a certain amount he wanted for the role and that hurt the sensitivities of the writer. Feroze said that Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar takes pride in the fact that people beg to work in his drama so perhaps his pride was hurt when Feroze wanted a certain amount for playing the role and did not take the opportunity without any demands.

Hira Mani  Dil Ruba

Dil Ruba is currently on air on Hum and it is a huge hit. Kashf is another drama which is airing on Hum nowadays and it is equally loved by the viewers. Hira Mani is playing the leading role in drama serial Kashf and Hania Aamir is playing the lead in Dil Ruba. In an interview, Hira shared that she was given the scripts for both these dramas simultaneously. When she read Dil Ruba’s script, it did not appeal to her therefore she rejected it. Hira said that she wants the characters she plays to be different from each other and they should contain some meaning or message for the audience. Had Hira Mani decided to play the leading role of Sanam in Dil Ruba, Hania wouldn’t have been playing the role.

Mahira Khan Kankar

Mahira Khan had the option of choosing between Shehr-e-Zaat and Kankar. Both these drama serials were written by Umera Ahmed and were being produced by MD Productions. Mahira Khan wanted to do something entirely different from Hamsafar therefore she asked the producer Momina Duraid who is also her friend to help make this difficult decision. Momina Duraid advised Mahira Khan to do Shehr-e-Zaat and that is how Sanam Baloch got to play the leading role of Kiran in Kankar. Otherwise, it could have been the other way around perhaps, who knows. Mahira Khan definitely had a tough choice ahead of her but she made the right one.

Sania Saeed Meri Zaat Zara Benishan

In an interview Actor and producer of MZZBN Humayun Saeed reveal that Actress Sania Saeed was first choice for role of Saba in MZZBN but because of some date issues they cannot make it and then that role was played by Samiya Mumtaz.