Actresses Who Are Married To Competent Business Tycoons

Actresses Who Are Married To Competent Business Tycoons


Mehreen Syed and Humayun Sheikh

Mehreen syed got married to the son of the owner of luxury fashion house in 2013. The nikah ceremony was simple and Islamic that made couple knotted with each other. Mehreen syed’s husband name is Ahmed Humayun Sheikh who is a successful business man.She got married to a son of famous fashion designer Nasreen Humayun.


Vaneeza Ahmed And Ali Afzal Malik

Vaneeza is married to Ali Afzal Malik businessman based in Islamabad. Vaneeza’s marriage in July 2010 to Islamabad-based businessman Ali Afzal Malik is a tale of fairy dust, celestial alignment and the right timing. The couple dated for two years in the early 1990s when Vaneeza was 23 and Ali was 25. They had spoken of marriage then but were both too young to commit: he was headed to New York for studies and work, and Vaneeza was moving to Karachi, and they lost touch for 18 years. But They got married and now Vaneeza is mother of a daughter.

Sana and Fakhar Imam

Sana is one of the most refreshing faces on both the television and film screen, and has grabbed media attention for her high-profile celeb lifestyle. Happily married to actor Fakhar Imam, she’s a mother of two kids. Her husband Fakhar Imam is businessman , he imports and exports goods and most of his time spend out of Pakistan.


Sonia Khan and Salman Iqbal


Sonya Khan got fame after appearing in Ali Haidar’s Tera naam liya to video song. Sonya was popular model actress but at early stage of her showbiz career she choose salman as life partner. Sonya lives in Karachi . Sonya throws parties for her showbiz friends , She is good friend of tooba siddique ,Maria wasti and others. Salman and Sonya had a daughter. They both are living happy married life.


Salman Iqbal  has thousands of Instagram followers, he keeps people updated with what he is up to next. He is often seen in the news signing deals and comes across as a very thorough professional but his social media accounts show a more human side of him.He is owner of Karachi Kings and Ary Digital network .


Sharmila Farooqi

Very few people know that Sharmila has acted in PTV dramas as well, once she appear in a drama along with ejaz aslam and abdullah kadwani but soon she realize that acting is time taking profession and she cannot continue.
Sharmila Farooqi is  actress turn politician and we all know her for her bold stances, strong presence and her clay sense of style. Sharmila Farooqui is one of the best looking and stylish politicians of Pakistan. Belonging to Pakistan People’s Party, she is considered as one of the strongest leaders the party has. Sharmila Farooqi has also worked in a drama prior to coming into the politics. Sharmila is married to Hasham Riaz Sheikh who is the owner of Capital TV and the couple has one son.

Madiha Shah

Madiha Shah is a famous Pakistani actress and stage actress. She has done many Pakistani films and stage dramas. She is widely known in Pakistan. If we take a look at her past then Madiha Shah real name was Rubina Butt but she was later known as Madiha Shah. Her mother is a housewife and her father is a government official.

So if you are a fan of Madiha Shah then today I am going to share something really amazing for you. Madiha Shah has finally got married to a Canadian Based Rich Pakistani man. Madiha Shah did a secret marriage with him in 2014 but she disclosed and celebrated her marriage openly in Feb, 2015.

Atqa Audho

Atiqa Audho married to Samar Ali Khan, a Pakistani politician who had been a Member of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh from May 2013 to May 2018,in July 2012 and until now, they are a ‘Lived Happily Ever After’ couple. Her husband is business man.