Ali Abbas First Time Talk About Separation Between His Parents And Life

Ali Abbas First Time Talk About Separation Between His Parents And Life





His father never wanted him to be an actor. He decided to pursue LLB after doing bachelors in Business Administration and tried convincing him again to let him act but his father said no – again! His father wanted him to do CSS! So hewent to NCA to study film and TV and studied for CSS as well.

After getting done with the exams, He started working as a producer and later, a program manager. By that time, He had given up all hopes of becoming an actor and the dream became a nightmare. It was his wife, at the end of the day, who pushed him to quit everything and pursue acting full time. His father finally agreed.

In an recent interview Ali Abbas talks about his father’s marriages and effects on whole family.


This is what Ali Abbas’s son said on topic of his father’s second marriage.


”Jab mere father doosri shadi ker ne ja rahe he the to unhone mujh se baat ki thi lakin mai us waqt buhet chota tha.

Jo wo hamare bachpen ka period hai 2 saal ka wo buhet mushkil tha.

Unfortunately Dada aor Dadi ki death buhet aage peeche hue the aor yeh third event jiska aap ne zikar kia hai .

Us time mai 12 saal ka tha to mai 15 saal ke bache ki terha soch ra ha tha. Mujhe meri mother aor behen bhaio ko bhi dekh na tha aor lag ta jo hua buhet galat hua.

Walda ke lia mere father ki doosri shadi aesi baat thi ke hum samjha bhi nahi sakte the unhe.

Mai aj maaf ker ta hu mere father ki doosri shadi ko. Shayed yeh isi lia hua ke hum zindagi se seekh sake.”


Remember Waseem Abbas was married to actress Saba Hameed but soon their marriage ended for unknown reason. Few years back Saba and Waseem appeared in drama serial Kaala Jaadu on Ary Digital . They are still appear in dramas together.