Ayesha Jahanzeb painful life history

Ayesha Jehanzeb is a brilliant Pakistani host turned actor who is currently making headlines on social media for sharing her painful domestic abuse story. Yesterday, the talented host reached to the police station in Lahore where she filed an FIR against her husband Haris Ali. Ayesha Jehanzeb’s painful story created a buzz on social media and it became a high profile case which was also noticed by the government officials including Hina Pervaiz Butt and Sania Aashiq. Ayesha Jehanzeb reported that her husband was secretly married and when she interrogated her husband, he hit her badly after which she got injured.

“She said, “I married young, it was a love marriage. We were a perfect couple, but it failed. I later discovered he had an alcohol problem, and I realized I made a mistake. He had interests elsewhere too. Although he’s passed away, I still have feelings for him and chose to forgive him for his peace.”

“Ayesha Jehanzeb said, “Jehanzeb gave me three beautiful children. He passed away when I was twenty-seven or thirty. I wasn’t aware he had cancer because we were apart. My in-laws didn’t inform me, but a doctor called and told me about his condition. I decided to contact my father and expressed my pain, feeling secure with Jehanzeb despite his absence. My father wanted to meet Jehanzeb one last time, but I refused, still hurting from his past absence. Jehanzeb passed away, and I was unconscious with grief when my father appeared. I forgave him, just as I forgave my husband.”

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