Biggest Regret In Life Of Aurangzeb Leghari

Aurangzeb Leghari, a prominent figure from the PTV industry, has been associated with numerous successful dramas throughout his career. Currently, he is making headlines for shifting his focus towards his furniture business due to limited acting opportunities. Recently, Aurangzeb Leghari appeared as a guest on Wasi Shah’s show, where he discussed the regrets he has in life.

Aurangzeb Leghari disclosed that his second marriage, which he entered into, turned out to be the most challenging experience of his life. He expressed that his second wife was not the person he believed her to be, but despite having two children with her, he lacked the courage to seek a divorce. Eventually, his wife relocated to the USA with their children, and he found himself in tears. While she assumed he was crying over her departure, he was actually shedding tears for the years lost due to his decision.

He also praised his first wife, who stood by him as his pillar of strength during his humble beginnings. She remained by his side throughout their life together, but sadly, he lost her a few years ago. He also opened up about his second marriage, which caused her a great deal of distress. He sincerely apologized, and witnessing his anguish led her to forgive him for his second marriage.