Celebrities Who Cant Bear The Loss Of Separation With Life Partners

We all know about Salma and Azfar . I remember during an interview on dawn new where both azfar and salma were invited , interviewer asked salma ” Apki zindagi ka sebse bura din konsa hoga ”

Salma replied ” Jis mai subha uthoo aor mujhe pata chale ke Azfar ne doosri shadi kerli hai”

You can imagine Salma loves Azfar from core of her heart but he left her and got married to Naveen.

After separation Salma’s mental condition was pitiable as she become patient of depression . She contacted psychologist for treatment of depression . Her sister let her on a trip so she forgot all what happened to her .

Now Salma is working dramas and she is relax as she know Azfar is always there for her daughter . Ending of love triangle was tragic as Azfar give divorce to naveen in july 2016 and still he a lone. On other hand Salma has her daughter .