Celebrities who come from Humble Background And Have Work Hard A Lot


From A Common Person To A Celebrity Those Became Famous With Struggle And Hard work !

Life of famous people looks like bed of roses but everything in their life is not really what they pretend in public.These Celebs are bold ,beautiful,respected stylish more than mango people.They have fan following on different social media websites like facebook ,twitter,instagram,whatsapp and others.Celebrities use to travel most beautiful places on earth like America,France ,Germany,Dubai,Italy and Spain e.t.c.

People make them role model.People use to see them in dreams but People are not aware about their struggle.People do not know how poor they were before they become famous and popular.Their journey of fame, from zero to hero is not fantastic as celebs do not like to share their personal issues in public.
As i belongs to Media i know so many actor and actresses who works in Pakistani Dramas and were quite poor and under cloud for having no money before they join showbiz and Pakistani Dramas.
Some young girls who come with dream of becoming actress were harassed by unethical and selfish people of media world.Even you never believe that some guys are forced to do compromise to get work.

Modeling agencies are playing the worst part as they force male and female model to get exposed in front of camera.Models have to do vulgar photo shoots for sake of their career even Italian Hollywood actress Sophia Loren Has also accept the truth in her autobiography that when she went to give screen test director forced her to wear swimming soot which made her feel awkward.

Ranveer Singh Indian talented actor has also share his story when he became victim of casting cough. when he went to give audition to male director harassed him and asked him to get nude.

Today i am going to write about celebrities who belong to poor background who were not so rich before they become famous and popular and in this list i have include some Indian America and Paksitani stars because American and Indians are popular in our country that why i discuss them in this article.


Falak Shabir


Falak Shabir confess in his interview that he bunked Madrassa, his parents want him to see Hafiz Quran. He use to read Naats his Qirrat was excellent  when he was child. He said that he has worked so hard in his life before becoming family. Falak said that he use to work as dispenser at local quack ‘s clinic . He also reveal that he use to work as sailsman at Pace shopping mall Lahore . As we all know Falak is blessed with melodious voice so he become most popular singer among youth.

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar is extremely talented actress and she is purely self made ,no doubt about it.Saba’s father was dead when saba was a child ,she belongs to conservative family of Gujranwala.Once saba shared about her personal life in her interview by saying that as she belongs to Syed Family so no one in her family well comed her decision of joining showbiz world.
Hum Tv dramas like Bunty I love You and Maat gives a great boost to Saba Qamar’s career.Today Saba is highest paying actress of out county.

Aghah Ali

Aghah Ali’s dream was to became a PHD doctor but Agha was not able to complete his dream due to family circumstances. Aghah’s Father Agha Sikandar was expired at the age of just 32.
Pathani Feature girl Neelum Munir Belongs to Swabi district of Khaibar Pakhtun Khuwan.She joined showbiz and Pakistani Dramas to support her family.Neelum has 2 sisters and her father is not with her family to support them.According to people on sets Neelum is very obedient daughter and her mother is always with her during shooting.


Azhar Mahmood

International cricket Azhar Mehmood’s father was farmer in Rawalpindi, But Azhar was such a brillaint cricketer thats why he was selected in National cricket team of Pakistan.Today Azhar is playing in richest cricket leagues including IPL.

Hina Dilpazir

When Hina came in field of Pakistani Dramas she was playing supporting roles in different dramas.
Her husband divorced her in a such unethical manner.Hina was almost out of money.With Big heart Hina continued her struggle and soon she got her breakthrough from Hum Tv Dramas like Brunch with Lubna, Muhabbat Jae Bhar Main and many more.
Hina accept in her interview that when she was new she was offering very small roles in dramas.


Sultan Rahi
The great Sultan Rahi started his career in lollywood as Extra.He also belonged to lower middle class back ground and no body was expecting that one day a guy like Sultan Rahi will became a lollywood superstar.

Recently Nawazuddin Siddiqui is doing a movie with Pakistani Dramas Actress Mahira Khan.I am sure you people will amazed to know that once Nawaz was a watchman and today stars like salman khan sharukh khan are casting him in mega budget films.

Sadia Imam
In late 90’s Sadia make her entry in showbiz world because of her family’s requirement as Sadia’s family was in financial crisis at that time.She accepted the truth in Nadia Khan show too.

Smithi Irani

Tulsi of KUKI SAAS BHI KABHI THI and educational minister of India use to clean floors of M’cdonald when she was not a part of soaps.

Mahira Khan
i am not saying that Mahira was poor before getting fame but its true that Mahira used to wash washrooms in America and some other part time jobs to survive their. Mahira was not like rich barbie princes ,in start she has to work  hard to get more projects even in her first film she  was over shadowed by the presence of Humaima but today Mahira is super star of country even she get so many likes from Bollywood too.



At the age of Javed Kodu Sahab started his acting career unfortunately Kodu Sahab has not got the fame and respect what he deserves.Excepts Farah no other morning show host has invite Kodu Sahab in their morning show.
A very sad incident happened with Javed sahab when during live stage show a superstar has thrown him into public.He got severely injured.This is the people disrespect actors like Kadu.


Sohai Ali Abro

Sohai Ali Abro was once teacher.Her parents were  died when she was a kid and to support her family sohai she join showbiz.Sohai has one sister who is like whole world for sohai.

she was working hard to meet her family’s expenses but then on on say of pappu samrat she got first break by hosting a late night show.


Sonya Hussyn

very few people Know Sonya comes from Humble back ground. Sonya use to live in  Karachi  from where she started her journey of hard work and her devotion take her to high levels.Sonya is among those actresses who how to stay in limits. According to  some sources she never abuse or smoke in real life as we know there are almost 80 percent acting lot who smoke in real life But Sonya is different , her kind gesture tells how nice she is.




Minal and Aiman


i dont want to disclose the area where Minal and Aiman use to but i am telling you with surety that Twin sisters also comes from humble back ground , their father was policeman but they were not so rich but now Aiman and Manal both are getting fame .


Atif Aslam

He belonged to a middle class family. And he didn’t have enough money to buy a guitar before his fame. And now he is one of the highest paid singers.

Moeen akhtar,Umer Shareef   all came from middle class n they worked hard.