celebrities who have lost their dear ones in different tragedies

Ruqaiya sister syra yousuf

Elder sister of Syra ” Ruqaiya” passed away few years back. May Allah bless her family with courage and May the soul of the deceased rest in peace (ameen)

Khalda Riyasat

Khalda Riyasat elder sister of senior Ayesha khan died of Cancer.

Rashid Mehmood

Actor RASHID MEHMOOD’s son Azhar Mehmood dies of heart attack!

Roohi Bano

today Roohi has become psycho but no body knows that her mental condition is to death of her young son.

Sajid Hassan

few years back sajid hassan’s brother was died in bomb blast in karachi.

Faheem Siddique

Faheem Siddique’s son was also died in bomb blast in karachi.

M S Dhoni

Priyanka Jha, who tragically got killed in an accident back in the year 2002.She was dear to Dhoni and dhoni still miss his first love even after her death thats why he adds scenes related to her in his biopic.