Every Thing You Should Know About Most Prominent Young Name In Town Kaneeze Zainab

Every Thing You Should Know About Most Prominent Young Name In Town Kaneez e Zainab

Kaneeze Zainab is young and ambitious girl.She started her showbiz career as a fashion model and after a year in modelling she got offer for a drama. Kaneeze Zainab is basically a Lahore based model and actress but she moves to Karachi where she get more opportunities to prove her self.

Kaneeze’s ideal is model turn actress Nadia Hussain. Kaneeze idealize her because Nadia is Dentist turn actress and Kaneeze is BDS doctor too.

Kaneeze loves to stay in her limits , despite of being showbiz world’s part she avoid to attend typical showbiz parties , She believes only in hard work. She get calls from morning shows but she avoid to appear on regular basis because according to  her if a celebrity appears on live shows on regular basis , people will become bore of that particular face.

Kaneeze is such a beautiful soul, while interviewing her i did’nt get the feel that i am interviewing an actress. She is so down to earth and i am sure with this attitude she will become exceptional in her field.

Question Answer Session With Charismatic Kaneez E Zainab



1. Where did you grow up?


2. Tell us about your education?

*I am a BDS graduate from Lahore Medical & Dental College

3. What is your biggest/weirdest fear?

*My biggest fear i loosing those i love, those i care for…

4.What do you like doing in your spare time?

*I spend it with my closed ones, surrounded by positive vibes.

5.Who is your celebrity crush?
*Sidharth malhotra  lately its Kartik Aaryan

6. Are you single?
*Oh yes, very much  Single & Strong

7. Among them with which actor you want to do a drama and film?

Fawad Khan, Zahid Ahmed, imran Abbas or Hamza Ali Abbasi

*Drama: Zahid Ahmed
Film: Fawad Khan

8. What type of character you wish to play on television ?

*Mazloom Aurat, Brave and confident girl

I would prefer doing character of a brave nd confident girl as i believe we should show strong side of a woman thru this platform instead of being mazloom and all rona dhona…

9. Have you ever experience casting cough in this field and how you react?
*Nooo, not at all

10. Who is your inspiration in this industry?
*Nadia Hussain for giving me direction (dentistry to modelling) and self belief in whatever you do.

11.If you weren’t famous, what would you be up to right now?
*I would be a dentist and fabulous

12. Three qualities that you got you where you are today?
*3 D’s

13. Most agonizing career decision you have ever made?

*Agonizing… Ummm none… Bcuz i was and i am always focused on what i want to do…no point in having regrets, what happens, is meant to happen and what happens is meant to be the best for you

14. What will your career look like in five years?
Wait n watch for it 😉

15.Change you would like to see in this industry?
*Equality in opportunities

16. Last drama you watched?
*Drama : Baaghi

17.What tips would you want to give to the ones who want to be model or actor?

*Well firstly KNOW YOUR MARKET. One of the most important steps to becoming a model is knowing your market.
Secondly FIND A GOOD AGENCY. The best thing you can do for yourself is to find a good agency to work with.
Thirdly BE AWARE.

18. Which movie left a lasting impression?
The lasting impression i got was that if two people develop a powerful and inspirational relationship, they will discover truths that take most people a lifetime to learn.

19. Which song best describes your life?
*No combination of 26 letters from A-Z can describe my life.

20.If you could live in another country where would it be?
*I would want to re-live in Pakistan bcuz of the diversity of the landscape and climate.
I bleed green 💚

21.What is one message you would give to your fans?
*Never opt any shortcut, work hard and have patience as “preseverence commands success”
Do your best & leave to God the rest…

With few good friends from showbiz circle