Facts About Awam’s Favorite Drama Sinfe Ahan Women Of Steel

Facts About Awam’s Favorite Drama Sinfe Ahan Women Of Steel

Sinf-e-Aahan is produced by Samina Humayun Saeed and addresses the challenges of women who strive to serve the country.Kubra Khan, Ramsha Khan, Sajal Aly, Yumna Zaidi, Dananeer Mobeen and Tashi Kalidasa are included in main caste. Sinfe Ahan is gift of Umera Ahmed for  her patriotic people of Pakistan as its a masterpiece penned by Umera Ahmed.


Kubra Khan Weight Loss

Kubra Khan reveal in her interview that she loose 10 kilograms  of weight due to military’s training for drama serial Sinf e Ahan .
kubra khan telling the story of sinf e ahan training and lose 10kg

Meet Kamil Of Sinfe Ahan Who Become Overnight Sensation


Junaid Jamshed Niazi is emerging face of Pakistani dramas. He is 6 feet 2 inch tall and obvious model. Recently he joined acting as main career. These days people love him in Sinfe Aahan as he is playing Yumna Zaidi’s fiance. Junaid said that he was bit chubby so he loose some weight. He is married to journalist Shajiaa Niazi. Shajiaa use to host Mere Mutabiq on Geo news with analysts including Sohail Waraich and Hassan Nisar. Shajiaa and Junaid are parents of cute daughter as well, their daughter has about huge fan following on Instagram.
check out beautiful pictures of Junaid with his family.

Meet Sinfe Aahan’s Young Sensation Junaid Jamshed Niazi


Dananeer Father And Real Life Khala Are Actors As Well

Dananeer father has played small role in telefilm Aik Hai Nigar. Dananeer’s father, Mobeen Ahmad, is a doctor and part time actor as he give small appearance in a telefilm.

She shared this new by her self.

Dananeer’s Khala Farishta Awan has played Khala Jee In Sinfe Ahan
A shocking thing is getting viral over social media that Aya Jee from Sinf e Ahan is Dananeer Khala. Yes ! Remind the Khala at Sinf e Ahan cadets bag checking Aya Jee has gain centre of attention thought her thoughts over privacy. So lets have a look.

Dananeer Mobeen commonly known as Pawry Girl. She is getting viral after she is cast in Block Buster drama Sinf e Ahan. Pawry Girl Dananeer has more than 1 million followers on Instagram. After her video of Pawri Horahi Hai went viral over social media. While there are very few actresses that their first debut drama with such splendid cast and direction.

Sinf e Ahan is currently starring screen on every Saturday. And people are getting more excited for every new upcoming episode . People are loving these new cadets training at Sinf e Ahan and actresses performances. Specially Khajista as Yumna Zaidi and Mahjabeen is getting immense love but the most like hit role is of Sidra. It is played by Dananeer.

Dananeer Khala has played role of Aya Jee in drama. Also a video went viral of Aya Jee in which she was so confuse about the word privacy. Kubra Khan asked her for “Privacy” and Aya Jee replied Where does it go ok wait i will found it! and this video goes viral over social media. But the most interesting thing is that she is real aunt of Dananeer.

Yes Aya Jee name if Farishta Awan and her role in drama is also so interesting. While she is an entrepreneur. Recently she has shared a picture with Major Samia working in drama as well with caption “With major samia she is a beautiful lady .

The Guy Who Is Playing Wali Is Real Life Son Of Khaled Anum

Kumail Anum is son of legendary actor Khaled Anum and Tehmina Khaled. Kumail started his acting career with drama serial Chamak Damak.Kumail has played role of Wali Khanzada in Since Ahan and he is also appearing as Zawiar in Bad Naseeb Humtv soap serial. Kumail young emerging addition to Pakistani dramas. We he will be a potential actor in future.

The Guy who is playing Wali in Sinfe Ahan is real life son of legendary actor Khaled Anam.

Khaled Anam Son Komail Anam started to act in Dramas

Asal Din Khan Playing Yumna’s Father is Duwan Drama Fame Actor

Asad Din Khan  who is playing Yumna Zaidi’s father role in Sinfe Ahan is not new face of tv, even he use to come in dramas during 90’s. He has played Nabeel’s friend called Needo in Block Buster Drama Dhuwan.  Sinfe Ahan give a new life to his acting career as fans recodnize him in youtube comments from where we also got to know about him.





Sinf-e-Aahan stars the real iron lady Major Samia Rehman

Major Saima has served under the UN and wearing the Pakistani flag in a peacekeeping mission has already made the nation proud.

For those who don’t know, a team of 15 female officers, serving at the ranks of major and captain, have been stationed in the war-torn country since June 2018.