Facts About One Of The Most Liked Pakistani Celebrity Waseem Badami

Facts About One Of The Most Liked Pakistani Celebrity Waseem Badami

Life In Streets Of Kharadar Karachi

Waseem born in Karachi, His childhood spend in streets of Kharadar. He spend his half of life in Kharadar’s building. He still visits his old place in Kharadar to meet people. He remember his childhood was not so memorable as according to him when he was child the situation of law and order in area was so poor that’s why he was not allowed to get out of home . As a child he use to go to internet café to have relaxing time in routine life. Waseem reveal that his hero was Tallat Hussain journalist.


His First Job

He got his first job in 2007. He use to give traffic updates. He was just 18 year old when he got his first job  and use to earn 120 rupees per day . He use to give traffic updates on daily basis.


Frist Mobile Phone

Waseem told in his interview that he was in 12th class when he got his first mobile phone.

Struggle Days

He remember that when he was not much strong financially ,he use to go every place by bus. Even he cannot afford Rikshaw rent. As he use to give traffic update, He hardly able to earn 100 rupees per day. Waseem also reveal that he use to buy a good shoe for himself in end of the month. It was such a proud feeling for him as purchase shoes by his salary.


Relation With His Mother


He said that he ask his mother to allow him to try his luck in media. Waseem said that he is still afraid of his mother. He always give respect to his mother. Even his mother was against his interest in media.


Masoomana Sawal

Waseem said that He remember many people ask him not to ask Masoomana Sawal. Even once The great Imran Khan said Waseem Masoomana Sawal na poochna.