Facts You Don’t Know About Most Mannered And Loving Host/Actress Sanam Jung

Facts You Don’t Know About Most Mannered And Loving Host/Actress Sanam Jung


Sanam Jung is famous host and actress, She is amazing personality. Sanam started her career back in 2012 and now Sanam is phenomenal star today. Sanam is mother , daughter and sister as well in real life. This post is about inspirational woman Sanam Jung.


*Manmayal was first offered to Sanam Jung but she was getting married at that time so she refused.

*Qassam and Sanam were in same school and they were good old friends. After schooling she met Qassam at some gym. They become good friends.

*Sanam started job at city bank after completing A levels. She was costumer manager and earning about 15 thousand per month.

*Soon Hum TV ‘s talent hunter Neena Kashif approached her to give auditions and she got big break in showbiz. According to Sanam her first salary was about 30 thousand as VJ.

*Sanam also reveal that once while serving in bank , her mother bring a rishta for Sanam and that guy rejected Sanam.

*Sanam reveal that her mother is her inspiration. Her father is very strong personality but she said that her mother managed every thing so well.

*Sanam reveal that when she was expecting her daughter, her husbands desire was to have a son because Sanam husband want to have a boy with whom he will play boxing. Qassam has also 2 brothers , butĀ  soon he realize the importance of having daughter. Even Elaya loves her dad a lot.

*Sanam said that her husband is extremely supportive husband.

*While talking bout Qassam , she said that he askĀ  her not to take kitchen responsibility because she is working woman.

*Sanam also reveal that her in laws home located at distance of 10 minutes drive from her home. So they eat lunch at in laws and dinner at Sanam’s parents home.