Famous Actor And Actresses Who Got Married To Divorced People

Famous Actor And Actresses Who Got Married To Divorced People

Imran Rizvi And Kanwal Nazar

Actor Imran Rizvi is brother of actress Madiha Naqvi and son of Deeba beghum was married few years back but his marriage ended soon. He had a son from first marriage. In 2016 Imran Rizvi got married to Kanwal nazar actress . they had a child too. Imran has worked in many dramas like Tere pehlu me and others. Kanwal Nazar is also an actress and she has done many dramas in past. Few months back Kanwal and Imran blessed with a baby boy.


Mehmood Aslam And Amber Nausheen

Mehmood Aslam first married to a lady from Lahore’s rich and famous Sehgal family. Mehmood had one daughter and son from first marriage. For career Mehmood shifted to Karachi and give divorce to first wife . Almost 8 years ago Mehmood got married to Ambar Nousheen now he had two daughters from second marriage .

Asad and Zara

Asad Siddiqui Revealing That how he was Upset after 4 months of his wedding
After four months of wedding Asad Siddiqui come to give interview to NidaYasir. In his interview Asad reveals how much his life was stressful after getting married to Maham Siddiqui. Is this the reason of Asad’s divorce with Maham. Now he is going to to marry Zara Noor Abbas daughter of Asma Abbas and niece of Bushra Ansari. Zara and Asad comes from showbiz family as asad is nephew of Adnan Siddiui.

Zara tied the knot back in 2014. Unfortunately, Zara was unable to properly settle with her husband, and the couple ended their marriage with divorce. Zara kept her divorce news secret from the public, but this hidden news became open to the public when Zara Abbas announced her marriage with actor Asad Siddiqui.


Atiqa Odho And Samar Mehdi

Atiqa Odho’s 1st Marriage

Atiqa Odho got married for the first time when she was only 15 years old. The marriage lasted for 6 years. She had her first daughter at the age of 16 and she had her second child, a boy, when she was 19 years old.
Atiqa Odho’s 2nd Marriage
Atiqa Odho got married for the second time with Javed Akhund when she was in her 20s and had her third child, a son, when she was 29 years old. She also had a daughter from this marriage. This marriage also came to an end after a few years.

atiqa audho divorced her first husband and got married to samar mehdi pti member .
her husband samar was also married to someone and has children from first wife but he also give divorce to his and got married to atiqa audho.


Ahmed Butt And Fatima Khan

Ahmed Ali Butt most successful grandson of NoorJahan is married to Fatima Khan famous for her role Kammo was first married to her cousin.According to Fatma her first husband and his family were greedy as they Demand expensive Dowry. This is Fatima’s second marriage and Ahmad’s first. They have a son too.These days Fatima ‘s London Palat sister Qubra Khan is also playing lead roles in dramas.


Adnan Sami and Zeba

It Was love marriage between Adnan Sami and Zeba. They got blessed with son Azaan.Zeba was first married to some Goverment officer and after taking divorce from him Zeba Married to Adnan.
Now Zeba is living as single mother and Adnan got married to Afghani girl Roha.One thing more Zeba was alder then Adnan.


Rabia Noreen And Abid Ali

Rabia Noreen is recent wife of Abid Ali.Before marrying Rabia Abid divorced her first wife Humaira Ali mother of Iman Ali and Rehma Ali.

Azfar And Naveen

After the success of Humsafar no body expect that Naveen is in so hurry to mingle. Her link with Azfar make evry one shocked.When people have saw the pictures of their wedding they cant imagine Azfar as Dulha. Azfar give divorce to Salma after marrying Naveen.

Now Naveen is single and Azfar divorced Naveen too. As Azfar is still linked with his daughter.He is such a good father even after parting ways with Salma he still manage to take care of her daughter.


Fahad Mirza And Sarwat

Fahad Mirza is young and cool champ. Fahad is surgeon by profession who got married to Sarwat Gellani popular actress.Sarwat was first married to Omar Saleem elder brother of Ali Saleem.After few months Omar divorced Sarwat.
Sarwat is now mother of a son and expecting her second child.

Wali Khan And Noor

Wali Khan proud son of Patiala family is married to Noor.They have worked together in a film too.Noor has one daughter with her second husband.Noor is already divorced.Its because Noor was immature when she first married to some Indian guy well we hope that Noor lives a happy married life.


Jana And Nauman

Jana Malik is actress who rules the hearts of her fans since almost 18 years.I remember her drama serial Bulandi it was a hit.Jana tied the knot with singer Nauman Javed. Nauman is ex husband of Fareeha Parvez.according to some news report there were some misunderstanding between them . Nauman is fine singer he has sing songs for Indian film Jashan too.

Juggan Kazim

Juggan Kazim is married to a guy who is already divorced.He has 2 daughters with his first wife. Now Juggan is expecting second child.

Khushboo and Arbaz

khushboo was first married to politician and she has one daughter from first husband too but after getting divorce khushboo tied the knot with young handsome arbaaz khan who was graduate from national college of arts Lahore.now both are living happy they have too sons.

Shoib Malik and Sania

During pakistan tour of india in 2005 shoib mkalik got married to haiderabadi girl ayesha siddique . ayesha comes from rich back ground ayesha told that before marriage she gone through weight loss surgery . shoib malik gives her so much tension as she become sugar patient .before got married to sania,  shoib divorced ayesha.