Famous celebrities who are kids of Army and Police Officers


Famous celebrities who are kids of Army and Police Officers


Pakistani showbiz has a strong army connection. It boasts of having a lot of actors who come from military and police backgrounds and bring their ‘army upbringing’ to the work they’re doing.

So just in case you’re wondering where some of them get their disciplined lifestyle, bold nature and strong survival instinct from, you must know that it’s their army and police background in play!

We get you a list of Pakistani showbiz’s proud army kids. We’re glad they have an army background because if it weren’t for that, they maybe wouldn’t be what they are today.




Momina Mustehsan


Afree Afree fame girl Momina’s touching height success these days. This girl is full of talent. She is not just pretty face but owns melodious voice too.Let me tell you about Momina’s family background. She comes from educated and disciplined family. Her mother is professional Doctor.
Momina Mustehsan’s father Kazim Mustehsan is a retired brigadier and a recipient of Sitara-i-Imtiaz from Pakistan Army. Momina’s relationship with father is so friendly. Her parents gives her Confindence of do what she want in her life.